5 Greatest Benefits of a Home Security System for the Whole Family

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Residential home security systems are often mistaken for another expensive monthly service or an outdated method for protecting your home and family. Today’s best home security systems are much more high-tech and feature-rich compared to traditional systems. Some can even be mistaken for a smart assistant device!

As the school year ends, more family members will be home for the summer. It’s important that home security systems are up to date, and the entire family is up to speed on how to use your system. They should know how to use your home security service in emergency situations, but it’s also useful to demonstrate that a security system is not intimidating and can, in fact, do so much more than just sound a loud alarm.

Home security systems keep your family safe

A residential home security system will make your life easier, but it will also keep you protected, letting you rest assured. If you choose a company that offers professional monitoring (for systems with video or without), your home and family are protected 24/7 with authorities only a phone call or the push of a button away.

The whole family should be familiar with what constitutes an emergency and the necessary steps to take. Be sure that family members of age know the Duress Code. It’s also worth mentioning to elementary-age kids that a home security system is not something to be afraid of – it’s there for protection.

Convenient for families on the go

Whether you’re a family of two or ten, it can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. It’s inevitable that a school lunch gets forgotten, the garage gets left open, or you forget to arm your security system. A smartphone home security system will take away the burden of remembering so many things.

Utilize your system’s geo-fencing capabilities so that your system automatically arms itself once you get a certain distance from your home, or reminds you that the garage is open. Arm your home security monitoring service or close the garage with the touch of a button or voice command. Your system will even let you disarm and unlock your door with a voice code if your hands are full of groceries, mail and whatever else.

A security schedule that allows you to set what time you want to automatically arm or disarm your smartphone home security system is always a great fallback option to have in place, especially when families have people coming and going all the time.

Make everyday routines easier

Ever wonder what your kids or pets do after you turn off the lights or when you’re out of the house? A security system that has an Image Sensor with a night-vision LED flash allows you to do stay on top of your home activity at night or in a dark room. A home security system with the video that has an indoor camera even lets you speak through the camera to anyone in the room.

Many home security monitoring service providers offer an array of add-on products available to beef up your system, such as a video doorbell camera. Rather than dropping what you’re doing, interrupting meals or morning routines, a video doorbell allows you to conveniently check to see who’s at your door or pulling into your driveway right on your phone or smartwatch.

When considering which home security service to purchase, be sure to buy one that includes special features and frequent updates. For example, Brinks Home Security’s ‘Scene’ setting automatically turns lights down or off, sets your thermostat and locks all the doors. You can customize a scene for kids’ bedtime, movie time or even holidays.

Compatible with your favorite smart home devices

What’s the point of adding another device to your home that essentially doesn’t “talk” to your other devices? Find a security system that’s compatible with the devices you use on a daily basis.

Contemporary alarm systems allow you to control any number of devices through your system – from adjusting your thermostat to giving voice commands to turning on smart appliances. Your home security service and system, with the latest features and updates, will become the hub of your smart home.

Smart security systems are pet-friendly and kid-friendly

Choosing a smartphone home security system with video monitoring makes it easy to check on pets when you’re not home. Use an indoor security camera or image sensor to let kids keep an eye on their pets and even speak to them using an indoor camera’s speaker.

Show kids that home security systems are not something to be intimated by, but they’re also not to be used for fun. Think of your home security panel like a fancy picture frame: It’s not something for kids to play with, but a device to observe and know how to pick up and look at when the time comes. In fact, you actually can use your security panel as a picture frame and upload photos that rotate throughout the day!

Not all security systems are created equal, but with a little research and the right questions, it’s easy to find a system that fits all your family’s security needs and financial budget. The right home security service will enhance your daily routine by being beneficial for the whole family while keeping your family protected around the clock.

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