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5 Home Improvement Tasks for 2019

If you’re trying to sell your home, or think it could do with a bit of a refresh, you could be wondering where to begin. Sometimes even modern-build properties can benefit from some home improvement from time to time. That brand-new feeling fades after a while, and giving your home a bit of spruce is just one way of bringing it back. 

Deep clean the carpets
If you’re looking for a big task for 2019, then giving the carpets a deep clean is a task that, while quite extensive, will give your house a uniquely fresh feel. When you think about it, our carpets and floors have taken a lot of footfall over the years, which includes all kinds of dirt and dust. While vacuuming can create a unique feeling of fluffiness, a deep wash will give your carpets that feeling of being completely brand new.

Change old lighting fixtures
You’d be surprised by how much a lighting fixture can affect a room’s appearance. This is particularly the case if you have fixtures that could potentially appear outdated – and not in a trendy way. Replacing old features with contemporary ones that tie into the design of the room can completely change the aesthetic of a room – particularly at night time when it’s all lit up. 

Paint Refresh
You don’t necessarily have to have a complete re-design to improve the appearance of your home. The painters Lynchburg can brighten up any rooms that have dulled with age or are mottled with dents from picture hooks or just general wear and tear. Picking large quantities of a single color or using old tins of paint for the colors you already have will also help to bring down overall costs. 

Change the windows
If you’re particularly concerned about the exterior of your home, then changing the windows is just one way of renovating your property’s appearance. If you have wooden frames and want to keep them that way, you don’t necessarily have to shift to plastic double-glazing. Going to a website such as could help you find windows that are an appropriate fit for your property. 

Get your gutters checked and cleaned
For some people, the only time their gutters get checked is when they suddenly begin to overflow and cause water damage in the colder months. If your property is surrounded by trees, or even if you have moss growing on your roof, your gutters could quickly begin to overflow. If this is a task you don’t want to have to keep revisiting, then you can buy gutter protection to keep them clean all year round.

Some home improvement tasks can be more demanding than others, however, taking the time to assess what needs to be done to your home can be completely transformative when you make a start at giving your home a refresh. Putting some budget aside for any changes can also help you sort out ‘must-haves’ and simple wants.