Motivation Tips To Help You Get Back Into Exercise


You know, and we know that exercise is good for us. Exercise is good for both our physical and our mental health. And yet, despite knowing the benefits of exercise, many of us don't bother. Or we make an attempt to motivate ourselves at the start of a new year and then fall at the first hurdle (usually because of the winter cold).

If this is you, then you need to get motivated. You will benefit from your attempts to keep fit; if only you could drag yourself from your slumber. You need somebody to lead you by the hand and back into exercise again. And that person is us, so pick yourself up, lazybones. Here are some tips to motivate you in the weeks and months ahead.

1. Have a goal in mind

Set yourself a goal; something to motivate you into keeping fit every day. You might want to lose weight, for example, so set yourself a weight target, and use our nutrition tips alongside your fitness regime to help you meet your goal. Or you might want to enter a charity fitness event, so to ensure you don't let your sponsors down, let this be the motivating factor as you prepare your body for the occasion. Whatever the case, have set targets in mind, with an incentive to help you reach them.

2. Start slowly

Take it easy at the beginning. If you push yourself too hard, you will end up with an injury, and while getting physical therapy will be helpful to you, you can reduce the risk of any damage by pacing what you do. Walk before you jog. Jog before you run. Run around the park before running a marathon. You catch our drift. Start slowly, prepare your body, and rest when you start to feel pain. You will feel better for it and will be less likely to give up because exercise is too painful and exhausting for you.

3. Buy some new trainers

Buy some new trainers, and while you're at it, get yourself a new tracksuit too, and anything else you need to get back into exercise. If you never put them on, you will have wasted some money, so let your sporty purchases be an incentive. Of course, this isn't the only reason to buy something new. If your old trainers are no longer fit for purpose, buying a new pair is the sensible option, as your performance level will drastically improve as a result.

4. Plan something fun

Don't let your exercise routine become...well… a routine! Once it becomes a chore, the less likely you are to continue with whatever you started. Sure, exercise doesn't have to be fun, as the health incentives should always be the priority, but if you can amp up the fun factor, then why not? There are all kinds of ways to do this, from starting an active hobby that captures your interest in making exercise a shared hobby with your friends and family. Speaking of which, consider our next point.

5. Find a fitness buddy

So, as we alluded to, a fitness buddy can bring in the fun. You will have somebody to banter with when you're exercising, and you can have a laugh with each other in your chosen activity. However, a fitness buddy isn't only there for your entertainment. He/she will also spur you on when you're thinking about giving up, and you can do the same for them. Your fitness buddy will be the incentive you need when you can't be bothered to go out because you're not only letting yourself down, but you're letting them down too. And your fitness buddy is a good backup should something go wrong, should you fall down a hole or something when you're running around the park.*

* Unlikely to happen, but better to be safe than sorry :)

6. Schedule fitness in your diary

Let's be honest. We all get a little busy in our lives, and because of this, it's easy to push exercise out of the way. And once this happens, it's more difficult to get back into good habits again. So, when planning your day/week, make time for exercise. Make yourself a pact that you will stick to your fitness appointment, and plan the rest of your time around your exercise schedule so you never miss out. Let other people know of your schedule too, and let them know that you will be busy keeping fit should they try to tempt you away into something that doesn't really impact your life.

7. Fit exercise into your regular routine

We wholeheartedly recommend what we said in #6, but if you do struggle to squeeze time in, know that you may be able to get your exercise fix as part of your regular routine. Instead of taking the car or bus to work, for example, why not walk, run, or cycle instead? Or, at the very least, park your car a short distance away, or get off the bus at an earlier stop, and use your legs for the rest of your way. By the time you get to work, you will feel a lot better mentally and physically, so let this be a motivating factor. Then find time to exercise during your lunch break to keep your productivity levels up, and practice your morning routine in reverse when your workday ends.

8. Do it for the kids

Don't just exercise for yourself. If you have a family, do it for them! Let your kids see that exercise is good for them by being a good role model. Exercise with your kids, perhaps in fun play activities that will help you all keep fit. And exercise for the longevity of your health, because hey, your kids want a fit and active mom for as long as possible. We realise we are piling on the guilt factor a little, but your kids can be an excellent motivation factor when it comes to getting fit.

So, what are you waiting for? If you needed motivation, follow our advice. The sooner you start, the better you will feel, and the more motivation you will have to keep going. It's a wonderful, not-so-vicious circle to be in! Let us know what you think, and share your motivating tips with us. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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