Helping Your Teen Go to a Residential Mental Health Center

Getting your teen the help they need in all different aspects of life is part of being a parent. And when they’re struggling, you want to push your teen to get the assistance they need to live their life to the fullest.

If your teen is struggling with mental health issues, sending them to a teen residential treatment center might be the best thing you can do for their self-improvement. Going through this process is a hard decision, but here are a few keys to navigating these trying times.

Be transparent with your teen

If you think your teenager could benefit from a residential program, it’s best to ease them into the idea. Be transparent in letting them know how you want to help them get back to their best mental state. For any real progress to be made, it needs to be their decision to seek help, so transparency is key. Residential programs are an immersive experience that will help them get better quicker, and having open conversations about this is a great way to help them feel more comfortable with the process.

They often want to get better just as much as you want them to, so they might be more open to the idea than you think. It isn’t a decision to rule out at all. And they need to know that the suggestion comes from a place of love and compassion for them and their condition.

Do small things to personalize their experience

Often, the issue which steers people away from residential treatment centers is one of control. Teens want to feel like they are in control of their life, and that they are making these decisions themselves. A way to alleviate this feeling of losing control is by doing small things to personalize their experience. For example, one possible solution is to make the room they’re moving into feel like home with rolled canvas prints or a tapestry to hang on the wall. This way, they can feel like they’re holding onto some things from home which make them feel happy, even in their new environment.

And remind them that in the end, proper mental health treatment will ultimately put them back in control of what’s going on inside their head. Residential treatment might be one of the best things to happen when thinking of your teen taking control of their own life.

Pick the program that is right for them

Picking the right program is essential, as you need to make sure your teen gets a full treatment during the residential program. There are so many different types of treatment programs, so find one that fits their exact needs and personality. It is best to find one that offers both group therapy and individual therapy. This combination is great for helping them connect with others while still going on their own personal mental health journey. There are treatments which specialize in addiction as well. If your teen has a substance issue or is susceptible to one, it’s a good decision to consider a program which includes specialized substance abuse treatment.

It’s important to ensure that your teen feels happy with their decision to leave their home, and they need to remember that they’ll feel so much better once they come back. Many teens like to feel in control and might initially be resistant toward residential treatment, but with these tips in mind, they will see it as a valid decision in no time.

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