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Sweet X Marks the Spot

Sweet Ecstasy has been around for a while, and although they started as a cookie and milkshake store in Cubao, their venture into the burger biz was well-received. Now that it has a convenient spot in BGC’s Uptown Parade, people have no excuse to skip this joint.

The red interior and diner booths are welcoming and the pop art posters are witty. It’s a perfect hang out spot for you to get comfortable with friends over great food.

Their menu is simple but that’s not to say that there isn’t much to choose from. There serve chicken wings that’s coated with a unique double batter and fried to a crisp, with varying spiciness; 5 different fries to choose from, one being the Ecstasy Fries that’s coated with their very own ecstasy sauce, cheese, and caramelized onions; and of course, the main contender, the X Burgers.  

Sweet X’s honest to goodness burgers are hard not to rave about. The ingredients are always fresh and the burger patties are juicy and made out of quality beef using short rib, sirloin, and the brisket for that perfect meat to fat ratio. Sandwich these ingredients in a buttered brioche bun and you have the best burger you could possibly have.

You can’t leave this place without trying something from their extensive list of milkshakes. Ranging from your classic Vanilla and Chocolate, to more premium shakes like the Mud Pie and Salted Caramel, to the more daring Adult milkshakes which are spiked with alcohol. It’s creamy and thick, but not too heavy, and a sweet deal to end your eats.

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