Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ant

Ant is one of the common insect found in homes. They are attracted by crumbs, dirt and they move in the night. No doubt, ants are always unwanted because they constitute a big nuisance in the home. Ants sometimes exhibit for their mass movement and this can cause a lot of frustration to humans. Not only that, the presence of ant can be dangerous because they are known to cause some damages in the home.
Having ants at home is very unhygienic and dangerous as some ants bite a human being. Also, some ants such as Fire and Harvester are well recognized for their destructive tendencies especially on Building Material. Ants also carry bacteria which are dangerous to the health of an individual. Anything they have contact with it will be contaminated. Therefore, ants can contaminate food, drinks, open wound or anything that can easily affect humans if contaminated.
One important fact about ants is that they have a large family, there are about 12000 diverse families of ants.  Ants are an unwanted occupant of the house, worst still, they live as the owner of the house. This article will give you several potent techniques to get rid of ants in the home. Before we start, it is very important that the number method and most important technique to keep clean surroundings. Ants do not thrive in the clean environment, therefore a clean house will not play host to ants. If you would rather nor use borax ant killers and go with natural remedies instead, then below are some that might help.

Home remedies you can employ to get rid of ants totally

The use of chalk

One of the components of chalk is calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate is very important in chalk because it keeps ant away. To keep the ants away, you can spray some chalk at their entry point or better still, draw a line of chalk at the point of entrance of the ants. Though it has not been proved but it was discovered that chalk is effective when it comes to repelling Ant.  Having done this, one must be very careful when using the chalk because of children.

The use of Lemons

Lemon is also effective in getting rid of ants in the home. For effective use of the lemon, it must be squeezed on the area where the ants enter the house. Not only that, lemon peels can also be placed at their point of entry. It has been discovered that ants do not like the smell lemon, therefore one can also drive them out of the house by washing the floor of the house with water mixed with little lemon juice. Ants are attracted to anything that is sweet and repelled by sour and bitter things. Another way of getting rid of the ants is by proper storage of sugar and other sweet things.

The use of oranges

Oranges repel ant just as lemons do: they chase ant and keep them away from the home. Orange peels are natural repellant of ants, they are very effective especially in the kitchen and their point of entry into the house. Also, a paste can also be made and spread around their point of entrance.


Pepper is one of the things ants hates. One can make use of pepper effectively by sprinkling its powdered form at points where they gain entrance into the house and other areas where the ants are commonly seen. This will help greatly in repelling the ants in the house. Another way of using pepper is by the use of pepper solution- add water to pepper and sprinkle. Pepper does not kill the ants, what it does is to repel them.

The use of white vinegar

The smell of white vinegar is very unbearable to ants. The use of vinegar solution is one of the most potent ways to get rid of the rats. A vinegar solution is prepared with the equal amount of white vinegar and water. Shake the solution well on adding few drops of essential oil. The Vinegar solution can be applied daily at the point of entry of the ants. Like the pepper solution, they do not kill the ants, they drive them away.

The use of Cinnamon

This is an effective method of getting the ants out of our homes.  Ants cannot withstand the strong smell of Cinnamon. For a faster and great result, the essential oil can be added to the cinnamon powder. The combination will boost the smell of Cinnamon thereby increase its ability to repel the ants.

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