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Planning the Perfect Patio: 6 Tips Perfect for Entertaining

Those who love entertaining guests in their homes understand the joy of outdoor parties. There’s nothing quite like fun gatherings with barbecue on the back patio and a lot of laughter and music in the air. But to entertain your guests outside one must have the proper space for it, and if you really want a good atmosphere, you need to know how to decorate it. If you’re eager to make your patio into a nice place that’s ready for a spectacular party, here are some ways that you can make it both prettier and more functional.

Start with trees and shrubbery

Patios are practically made to be surrounded by greenery that will allow us to have our own small corner of nature and peace. When picking out which trees you want to plant, consider whether they will hinder the view in some way and whether the big trees might have trouble growing their roots. Trees like redbud, crabapple, dogwood, and Myrtle are all great choices, and you could also plant some delicate magnolias and rose shrubs to really make everything more beautiful. Having a lot of plants around will mean your children will also have a much healthier place to live, and it will create a beautiful space perfect for outdoor parties.

Style of the patio

Take into consideration the size of your patio and where it’s placed. Is it a small, secluded area that’s made private through screens and fences? Or perhaps it’s an open, airy space that’s always visible to the neighbors? Set up your patio in the way that will suit your need for privacy, and if you plan to let your children play there or make a lot of parties, then invest in a larger space.

Divide it into sections

Divide your outdoor areas by function. Rather than just “the outside,” have different zones for cooking, lounging, and dining. The cooking zone is particularly important because when you’re making BBQ, you want to have enough space to roast your meat properly. It’s a little difficult to be a good BBQ master and make perfect burgers if things are constantly getting in the way. You can be flexible and change things around when the need arises, just make sure there’s enough space to move around freely.

Appropriate furniture

If you want to make the patio comfortable, you should bring out appropriate furniture. How many pieces you bring will depend on how many guests you wish to entertain, but we do recommend having a standard patio setup with a big table and a few chairs. If your neighbors come over you can have them seated there, and if you plan for an actual party you can bring out more chairs. Also, don’t be afraid of moving indoor furniture outside – a good wooden couch with cushions can look quite leisurely. You can weatherproof it and make sure it stays shielded from the rain and you’ll be surprised at what a relaxed atmosphere it creates outside. Once your guests arrive, they’ll be impressed.

Bring out the lights

Good outdoor lighting is the perfect touch for creating that cozy, intimate atmosphere that the best kind of parties has. While your cooking zone can have brighter lights all around to make sure you always see what you’re doing, the dining zone can have subtler installations and maybe even fairy lights to make it all inviting. Lanterns and tiki torches are a great option here.

Make your kids cozy

Of course, you’ll want your patio to be kid-friendly, especially if your child likes to celebrate their birthdays outside. To make your kids safe, make sure that the patio always has plenty of shade and that it offers you a clear line of sight to their playing area. Now, to make it more fun and interesting, consider building a fire pit – the children will absolutely love evenings where they can camp out and have you build a cozy little fire while they roast marshmallows. This also makes a perfect setting for a spooky Halloween party, or to make gatherings warmer and easier when the nights are cold.  

With these tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect little patio, suitable for any kind of party. Entertain your guests freely and enjoy the evening fun.