Importance of Deals and Coupons in your Lifestyle

The first coupon ever was distributed back in 1887 and not surprisingly, by the brand paragon Coca-Cola. With this piece of paper in hand, customers could redeem one free glass of Coke at local dispensaries. At that time, nobody could predict the impact it will have on the future of commerce. Over the years, however, millions of free drinks were redeemed and the famous brand has solidified its presence. Other companies have taken notice and implemented coupons into their marketing strategies.
The rest is history: nowadays, almost every brand and retailer use promotions and discounts to improve the bottom line.

Ways of delivering value

Strategic discounts and freebies foster a positive brand image, boost consumer satisfaction, and reach new people. They serve as mainstays of customer loyalty programs and customer acquisition efforts. Some people do not hesitate to pay the full price, while others, who are in majority, explicitly seek coupons and vouchers. They are so-called value-seeking customers sensitive to promotions.
Brands know this and provide these incentives to different segments of the audience. Take the example of discounts. Even when they are slight, tend to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales. Beyond that, it is estimated that nearly 80% of customers use coupons on a regular basis. Additionally, 91% of the states that they will visit the retailer again upon redeeming a coupon.
Note that recent years have also been marked by the proliferation of “free gift with paid purchase” and other tactics. Various promotional products are used to deliver rewards to loyal customers and nurture lifelong brand ambassadors. People adore the free stuff and perceive the benefits of as higher than paid discounted products (and not just because they are bad at fractions). Thus, brands that offer it can start the relationship on the right foot.


Hooked on a feeling

So, we are living in the age of turbo consumerism where the number of discount and “sale” day shoppers is on the rise. But, what is the reason behind the sway that discounts and coupons have? Well, as it is often in the world of marketing, it comes down to psychology and emotions, not mere face value. People find joy in receiving exclusive offers, discount deals, and coupons, especially when they come unexpected and from favored brands.
For instance, one study proved that people who received a $10 coupon were 11% happier than those who did not receive them, due to an increased level of oxytocin in the brain. Not only that, but they also felt less stressed and more relaxed. That is when they are inclined to trust a certain brand and embark on a shopping spree. So, brands have found their Holy Grail, emotional marketing.

Consumer triumph

This whole process usually plays in the subconscious background, without you even noticing it. Yet, when you look back at your previous shopping adventures, you might be able to notice the key role that coupons and deals played. Ask yourself - when was the last time you purchased something from an unfamiliar brand without a coupon or deals? All of this does not mean you have been manipulated or anything.
All in all, special deals are a win-win.
Enjoy best-priced deals from top resorts, hotels, restaurants, and wellness centers near you. Try new products and discover brands and fun activities in the city and a whole lot more without really breaking the bank. Nowadays, it's not too hard for you to start saving money, be smart, and find ways to pay less when you shop.

The real deal
Deals and coupons are powerful assets in the marketing arsenal that have special appeal to modern customers. They allow brands to tap into repeat purchases, generate positive brand associations, shape buyer behavior, and inspire trust and loyalty. As a consumer, you stand to benefit as well: You can save a bit of money and get more value from your purchases. Therefore, this is not some zero-sum game we are talking about. There is hardly a good reason not to embrace coupons and vouchers as staples of a smart consumerist lifestyle.
So, it is time to do your homework and shop around for the best possible deals.

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