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Reach Your Dream [Scholarship Application]

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Every kid has a dream of becoming someone in the future,we all have that dream to become a Doctor,a scientist and many more.All these dreams and goals in life will be fullfill in the finishing school that is complete and have a degree.
Education is very important in our lives,it can changes part of us.Makes dream come true .We you had a degree sad but this is honest truth that we know,we earn respect when a person know that you have attained higher education,they can't fool you or cheated.I was once remembered my grandma told me that I should finish my study because education is the only thing that cannot be taken from me because it's in my mind and heart and yes that is true i believed in her no one can take the knowledge inside you.Educations makes you confident being a person knowing that when you finish college,you can easily find a job your dream job that can provide your needs and succesfull life.

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There are many reasons why students cannot finish their study but in this topic i'll be mentioning the reason that is common to all and that is cannot  afford to go college because of financially not capable of.
Students after high school cannot go to college and or university is due to lack of money,parents cannot afford to send their kids to college.For poor families finishing school is hard.
In this post i'll be listing down some of the ways that a student can do who wants to pursue and finish school even if life's harder for them financially.

Be a working student

Probably this is the most common of all while studying you can support your needs by working half day and go to school after works,yes many students are doing this.It's hard but it's all worth it.That's the reality of life.

Student Assistant

Some schools offered this kind to  help their students,inquire about this in your school administration.For me this is the easiest way because you are already in your school you're not travelling from and going to school after work.

Apply For a Scholarship

Their are many companies and individuals who is sent from above who are willing to help others to achieve their dreams.Take advantage of applying an scholarship,Dr. Summit Shah offers scholarship who have goals of removal of financial hurdles to higher education.Easy to apply just submit an easy answering  what some of the things are that keep you motivated to keep reaching for your goals and other important details.

Imagine finishing your higher education,your family,friends and people around will be proud and this is the start of the better life ahead of you.Opportunities everywhere and healthy lifestyles.
Life is hard but knowing what is your goal in life and never walk in other path will lead you to your success,of course there will be struggle in between but that is life,life is tough so are you.Done't give up if you reading this do act now find a way to reach that dream of yours,there's always a way.Just don't give up easily.