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Play Little Games with Your Family to Increase Your Bonding

Playing games together is an activity which not only adds fun to the life of a person who is playing but if played together they also play an important role in strengthening the bond as a family. Since the introduction of electronic devices and gadgets, the face to face communication has reduced a lot. Anywhere you go, you can see people busy looking at their phones chatting, using social media, watching videos and doing other similar tasks, however, there is hardly anyone who will talk to the person sitting next to them.

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Even at the family gatherings, where people usually meet each other after a long time, everyone is usually busy using their phone to chat with people and to use social media. The trend of not talking, staying busy on the phone and staying quite has gone so beyond that a recent study showed that children nowadays find it truly difficult to talk and socialize since they spend most of their time using the gadgets and playing games on it. All this and several other major changes in the behavior are rising due to lack of communication and bonding between family members. As a result, there is a dire need to bring the trend of family gatherings and board games which can bring the families together again and the usage of smartphones and tablets could be avoided. Fun Attic is site which is sharing ideas to bring together the families and has shared many games ideas.

To ensure the quality time with the family and friends, it is necessary that no one uses there phone in between while others are busy talking to each other. When no one is hiding behind their screens, it will allow the whole group to talk to each other and contribute in the discussion. These are the activities which enhance the bonding with each other. A good idea to make sure no one will be using their phone is that when everyone is gathering for dinner at a place, circulate a box and collect all the phones in it. No one should be allowed to use it when they are at the venue and can only use it once they leave. Once you have collected all the devices are in the box, you can start the dinner. Cook food at home or order some fast food items, whatever ensures that you all will enjoy the food and your time together.

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Cooking is also considered an activity which enhances the bonding among people when they do it together. However, you cannot take all 10 people to the kitchen with you for this so playing games is better suited here. Apart from a meal, also keep some snacks with you while you all are playing or talking. Once you have established the routine and plan for your play, you can decide to have dinners and get together more often and form a routine to bond with your people. There can be any game which you can choose to play. It doesn’t have to be a specific board or card games. You can also create game of your choice and play it. The purpose is to form a bond and bring all of you together as a family.