How Would You Know if Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Regardless of how luxurious and large your home is, if it doesn’t have a functional roof, your home will be useless. The roof is one of the most important components in any home. Without it, you won’t be able to protect your family from harsh weather conditions and secure your prized valuables. Your home, which is probably your greatest investment, will only also have a short lifespan without a roof. These are just some of the reasons why as a homeowner, you should pay attention to the signs that tell you your roof needs to be replaced.

Since your roof is placed on top of your house, keeping track of its condition can become a tedious chore. You’ll basically have to climb on top of your house to assess your roof. This can become a struggle especially if you have a lot on your plate. But if you know what signs to look out for, determining if your roof needs to be replaced can come off easier. If you’re in doubt of whether or not your roof needs to be replaced look out for these signs:

  1. There’s a leak: A leaking roof is one of the most obvious signs that tell you that a roof repair should be scheduled. However, most homeowners wouldn’t think of this as a cause for concern – so make sure you don’t commit the same mistake. Dripping water from your roof means moisture has already seeped in and the materials of your roof are no longer durable. And yes, it doesn’t matter how big or small the leak is. As long as you’re seeing a leak, your roof should be repaired.

2. The roof shingles are already brittle or curling: Your roof is made up of shingles. This material makes your roof strong despite extreme cold and heat. Take time to look at the condition of your shingles. Are they already brittle and curling? Do they break even at the slightest touch? Answering yes to both of these questions implies that your shingles already reached the end of their lifespan and should be replaced with new ones. If you don’t do anything with your roof, your shingles can be susceptible to more damage in the long run. This can pose safety and health risks to everyone living in the house.

3. Some of the roof shingles are missing: If your roof has been through different weather conditions, seeing missing shingles is normal. And while you can replace these with spare shingles from your latest roof installation, it’s not always the best choice. The old and new shingles might not match since the former has been naturally weathered. Missing shingles also indicate that its lifespan is about to end.

4. There are granules in your gutter: Seeing granules is normal if your roof is new as these might be loose during installation. But if you’re seeing granules even if your roof has been installed for years, that’s another story. Granules protect the shingles from heat and rain and once these are gone, your shingles can become weak.  

5. There are stains on your interior ceilings and walls: Deciding whether it’s time to have a roof replacement isn’t as hard as you think. There are signs which are visible inside your home namely in your ceilings and walls. Take time to look into these areas and observe if there are any stains or worse, molds. Seeing any of these in your ceiling and walls can mean so many things. It can mean that the underlayment of the shingles are faulty which caused the water to seep in the house or you have inadequate ventilation which resulted in too much moisture in your roof.  Instead of thinking about what might have caused the problem, come up with better solutions. And in this case, a roof replacement is the solution you need.

6. The roof is already old: Your roof might still look good from a distance but this doesn’t guarantee that it doesn’t have any underlying problems. Most of the time, the earliest signs to have a roof replacement are those which can’t easily be seen. This is especially true when your home is old. If you want to be sure, have a contractor inspect your roof. They have the necessary skills and tools to know if your roof needs to be replaced.

7. The roof is already sagging: No, having a sagging roof is not normal no matter what kind of materials your home or roof has. Once a roof begins to sag, it loses it strength and it won’t be long before it will rot. A sagging roof is a telltale sign that your home is having structural problems and your roof can be the culprit. Call for roof replacement services once you see a sagging roof as this can become a safety hazard over time.

8. There are critters living under your roof: Animals and insects can provide joy and happiness. However, if you’re seeing them live in your roof, it might create negative emotions. When animals and insects are comfortable in your home (too comfortable that they start to inhabit this area), this could mean that holes and moisture are already present in your roof.

9. There are sun rays passing through the roof: One of the purposes of your roof is to protect your family from whatever is outside – may it be the weather, animals and other debris. And seeing sun rays passing through your roof defeats this purpose. This only means that there is a hole in your roof and should be replaced as soon as possible. If you won’t, the size of this hole can expand, allowing moisture and animals to infiltrate your house.
Once you’ve noticed at least any of these signs, act right away. You don’t want your roof to be in the worst possible condition before you call for help, right? That will require more expenses and more time for repairs. Immediately call for professional help for your roof replacement needs. Scout around in your area and compare their prices so you’ll end up hiring the best roofing contractor. If you’re living Salt Lake City, can be an excellent choice.
Pay Attention To Your Roof

Although the roof is a crucial part of a house, many homeowners still neglect its importance. As long as the roof is still in its place, most homeowners would think that it can still work properly. Never have this kind of mindset. Instead, be wary of the condition of your roof and have a regular inspection. When it needs to be replaced, act immediately as your roof’s condition can worsen by the minute.

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