Plan your Honestbee meals in advance

Getting stuck in a routine could be pretty exhausting. It’s important to spice things up every now and then and do something different and exciting. And what could be more exciting than trying out new food? Get ready to rediscover favorites, discover new ones, and bring variety to the table.
Plan your meals ahead of time with Honestbee’s food and grocery delivery app. You could pre-order your meals up to 7 days in advance by clicking on the option “order for later” when choosing when you want your food to be delivered.
Placing an advanced order is similar to meal prepping for the week, except you’re not the one doing the cooking. When you’re a busy bee, you’ll hardly have time to cook anyway. The best part is that you choose which time you want it delivered so it comes at a time that suits your schedule.

Start off the week right by ordering some delicious Filipino food, have Japanese the next day, and the Chinese the following. Be as creative as you want and mix and match to your heart (and wallet’s) content. After all, you don’t want to bore your taste buds. Maybe at the end of the week, you could share your blessings and order pizza and pasta for the whole group. It’s a win-win for everybody.
With a few taps on your phone, you have one less thing to worry about this week. In the long run, it also saves you time so you don’t have to constantly check the app to decide on your next meal. Satisfying all your cravings has never been more convenient.

You can visit and download the app at:
For IOS:
For Android:

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