Zaful Swimsuit Finds for Girls

I searched the Internet for my kid's swimsuit. We plan to go to a beach this weekend. I found an online clothing store named Zaful that sells awesome swimsuits for girls at a cheap price. Zaful is a one-stop-shop online. They have affordable collections with exceptional quality and excellent design.

The vision of Zaful review is to provide the latest designs and offers selected clothing, shoes, and accessories. They aspire to a simple line of dresses that makes you unique amongst others.

After I went through a long selection see more details there are two pieces of clothing that are sold out. I had to choose another two and here they are:

Rashguard Top With Tiered Tankini Bottoms
I like the pink lady design with a printed word "Pretty Doll" on top. The long sleeves are a great protection from the heat of the sun. The bottom has a layer construction for added appeal. The material is Chinlon. This includes a swimming cap.

Embroidered Fringes Kid Bikini
I find the embroidered Tutti-Frutti a cutey.   It's a tie! You have to tie the top, behind the neck and the bikini on each side. It is an elastic Chinlon material.

Off - Shoulder Girls Bikini Set
A layered off-shoulder bikini set. It is cute and flattering that features an optional adjustable shoulder straps ruffle.  This time you have 3 choices for the material. It's nylon, polyester, and spandex.

Floral Ruched Kid Bikini
A cute style with a printed floral ruched kid bikini in light blue. Halter collar-line, made of Chinlon material.

I want to add 1 or 2 knitted wrapped mermaid blanket. I am sure my little girls will love it. Sad to say, most of the items I found are sold-out. So, I guess, these will be it. It is more than $49 to avail the FREE shipping. What do you think?

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