Technology Changes Us?

As we grow old many changes things happens,There are many examples of this things one of it is the technology,yes technology nowadays are far from what it was 20 years ago.Social media became one of the tools for business owners to advertise and promote their products worldwide without spending too much in an advertisement company.It reaches many potential customers in an instant and deliver news quickly.

Internet is very important this days.Many job has been done easily with internet.Working in an office with work papers to be done internet is also needed.Different individuals needs internet in their different areas of works.

Technology affect our lives differently,It may gives us positive and negative impact.It changes our lives,makes our life hassle free.TV,Laptop,Smartphones,Washing Machines,Refrigerator and other things that makes our everyday life comfortable.Look around you everything is run by a technology.

As this technology rises and improves almost everyday,Some things can be done in an instant using only technology even without a man,So instead of a human job,A job can be finish with a machines.Is this good?
Technology is an arm that manages and produces tools in processing actions and their connection with life, society and the environment.

Today, technology did different functions for us like in productions and applications. But, what does technology really do for us? Does it play a vital role in our daily life? Is it crucial that we depend on our lives in it? First and foremost, we can't deny the fact that technology is a part of our lives. Now, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. How does it affect our lives? Let's start with the

Advantages of Technology

Easy Lifestyle
In an advanced technology, using robots or machines who will do the housework and errands. Robots that will clean the house, an automated cleaning of plates and cooked. I think there is one restaurant in Japan that is fully automated robots that cooked and served food. You only have to press the button to place your order.

Increase of Investments
Technology helps and grows its business productions. For example, a small business can use the Internet to market their products. Through the Internet, the client's demand increases. Just like what happened to Austria, wherein Andrew Charlton discusses the reasons on lifting the inflation rate and growth. What happens if it fails next! Click Andrew Charlton  to learn more.

Disadvantages of Technology

Lose Jobs
With automated machines, some people will lose their jobs and difficulty in finding a job. If that happens, people find it difficult to make ends meet. Also, not all people have the knowledge in computer. Since, it is through activation that a robot works, what if a man loses his temper?

Do more with Less
A small business owner may not hire an extra labor because he can do it himself. So, some people will be jobless.

Technologies can save time and effort, but it makes human beings lazy to work.
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