What is ad-hoc reporting?

For many reasons ad-hoc reporting is very important in business as an intelligence tools.Effective ad hoc reporting tells a story with your data to answer your user’s toughest reporting questions.

Users can create their own ad hoc reports when and where they need it with an intuitive drag and drop report design interface with Izenda.

If you are in a business you understand the importance of reports and the data.There are numbers of reports everyday in a company that is why another tool or way of viewing those reports is through ad hoc reporting.

Ad-hoc reporting is way different from the traditional reporting,Much more improved and complete less work for the IT team and easy to use.This tool can be used by any department single team or not.

If you ask do i need this kind of reporting? The answer is yes,ad-hoc reporting gives results in real-time,it is customize.In short the results are instant.Actual reports delivery is possible with Izenda perfectly fit for every company that has large outside sales.

Every functionality that a user needs like changing,adding or sorting fields are also present.Important thing is the security and answering questions regarding the data.
“96% of top performing companies say ad hoc reporting improves business performance.92% of top performing companies agree ad hoc reporting shortens time to info & insight.”
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