How To Avoid Leg Pain When Running

Last April 22,2018 I was one of the thousands of runners who run to save the planet earth.This event is called 'Nat Geo Earth Day Run' one of the most awaited and well-attended running event every year.

The National Geographic Earth Day Run Year 9 was successful, I've joined and run in different fun runs events but this event was different and truly an Earth Run because you can't see disposable cups at the hydration area.They provided a water bottle that makes less usage of plastics.Hope that in other future fun runs they will also get the idea of providing water bottle to the runners so after the event no plastic cups will be scattered on the road.

This wasn't my first 21km run, actually, this is my 3rd 21km run but this was the hardest run I've experienced maybe I'm not prepared enough or there's something else that caused my leg hurt so much when I run.

I've learned that the pain was common due to changing my exercise routine or running routine quickly.To prevent this to happen in the future I must correct what I'm doing wrong when running.

How To Avoid Leg Pain When Running

Warm Up Do stretching before doing exercise or running preparing your muscles for a run and helps avoid leg pain.

Hydrate Especially if you sweat a lot this can also help you prevent leg pain, Don't be dehydrated while running.

Change Your Pace and Distance If you think you can run like others, Then don't force your self especially if you are a beginner.

Relax You can walk then run, Alternate until you cross the finish line.

Lastly, Change your running shoes If you feel that there are something else that causing the pain and you think that your running shoes are not giving you the comfort you need to try changing them and find the right running shoes that you can use find healthy shoes like Dr.Kong.

It's important if you love running, strengthen your muscles.Do some research and ask your Doctor for some pieces of advice that can help you.
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