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4 Simple Things That Make Men Deliriously Happy

A relationship coach and editor of Loveawake dating site named Alex Wise sent over these tips via his publicist. We typically don’t reprint third-party articles, and we are certainly not endorsing this guy since we don’t know him, but his advice seemed pretty cool these days. Ready? Here it is:

Women spend over $80 million a year on magazines that promise to give them the secrets to make their men happy.

Again, that stat was totally made up. But I bet you read it and thought to yourself: "You know, I bet that's pretty accurate." Women are constantly trying to decipher the code of what to do to make the guy their dating consider settling down, and what to do to make their husbands stay interested. And they will spend a lot of money to do it. Well, being the generous and benevolent Mystery Man that I am, I'm going to give you advice that is just as effective as what you'll pay for in a glossy magazine at the check-out counter. And not only is the advice free but what the advice suggests is either cheap or free. How's that for savings? Anyway, here are four simple things that make men deliriously happy. Do these things, and you'll have a happy life of love:

1. Cook your man a steak. I know I know. I'm playing into all sorts of stereotypes about men loving red meat and women's role in the kitchen. But do consider, on a quiet night in when you and your gentlemen don't have any plans, going to the grocery store and getting a steak. Bring it home, season it with salt and pepper, and cook it in a sizzling hot cast iron pan. Spritz yourself with some gorgeous smelling perfume from, put the steak on a plate with some mashed potatoes, and walk it over to the spot on the couch where he's hunkered down and watching Pawn Stars. Smile lovingly at him, and then watch as he starts considering what engagement ring to buy as he eats.

2. Feign interest, but don't feign passion, in his hobbies. Does your boyfriend love the Cleveland Browns? Does he watch them every Sunday? Does he get incredibly upset when their running back fumbles the ball or when a referee throws a flag? Well, for starters, I'm sorry you're dating a Browns fan, but here's the essential point - unless you are also a Browns fan, do not try to replicate his misery. If you don't care about football, don't scream "HORSE CRAP! C'MON REF!" As much as you think it's supportive to be similarly irate over a play in football, or his character dying in Diablo III, or anything like that, feigned passion only serves to further anger your man. If you're passionate about his hobby, be passionate. But don't fake it. Avoiding this will make him quite happy.

3. Put his clutter away. Your husband is sitting not three feet away from a stack of mail that he has not yet read. You have been staring at it for days. You want him to either throw it out or put it somewhere. It's only fair for him to do so. It's his crap cluttering up the otherwise lovely living room. You want to pester him to do it. You really want to. But... don't. Just put it away for him. Just once, and tell him that you did it. Your husband will be so happy. Knowing that he did not need to get up and put something away and that his wife did it for him even though he understood deep down that it was his job, will make his day. His whole life maybe.

4. Deciding on a restaurant.
If you and your boyfriend are figuring out where you want to go for lunch, and he says "I'm fine with anything, you choose," he means it. You choose. Whatever choice you make will be the right one. So make the choice and watch as his day lightens up. You've removed the burden of decision from someone that doesn't want it. There is no simpler joy.