Old and Modern Times Boho Wall Tapestry

Wall Tapestry is a craftsmanship from the old times. They follow and weave in accordance with a painters design. According to Wiki, a tapestry is a woven decorative fabric. The tapestry-makers or artisans intertwine each color back and forth follows an area of the small pattern. It is weft-faced weave with threads of different colors over portions of the warp to form the design. The weavers use a natural warp thread. The threads are cotton or wool but it may include silk, gold, silver and other alternatives.

In the past centuries, only the affluent family can afford to buy a tapestry. It is so costly for those with average income.

Out of curiosity, I searched the Internet to look for a wall tapestry in an online store. I found Dresslily. Dresslily is one of the leading online fashion and accessory store. It focuses on the latest trends, fashion styles, and gorgeous accessories which feature new product lines. Dresslily has a massive selection of fashion items. Ships fast through DHL, UPS, EMS, and ships worldwide.

Aside from the fashionable garments and accessories, they sell fantastic and colorful boho wall tapestry. It's so beautiful that I fell in love with it. Here are two examples of the said Tapestry.

Ink Painting Dotted Waterproof Wall Art Tapestry
It's a Polka dot in Bohemian style. It is made of velvet material that is easy to wash and remove.
Feather Dream Catcher Windbell
I always wanted to have a dream catcher hanging in our house. I guess this one suits the room. A bohemian style, made of polyester and washable which is a good thing.

They have a huge number of wall art tapestries in Boho. If you want to buy, you can see more details.

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