The Beauty Cure Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About

Makeup holds the cure for many of life’s problems. Not feeling great about yourself? Get the makeup out. Broken hearted? Try a new look. In fact, the makeup bag is one of life’s unrecognized heroes. And, it’s not just the trials of life makeup can save us from. When you’re feeling ill, you may turn to doctors and medicine to get you better. But, once they’ve done the hard work, you may need something to boost you back to health.

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You know the feeling; you’ve been ill for a few days. You haven’t washed as much as you should, and have been in your  PJ's the whole time. And, makeup hasn’t had a look in. It can be hard to recover when you’re feeling stale, though. First thing first; get into the shower. It’s the fastest way to make yourself feel better. So, as soon as you feel well enough, get to it. It’s always amazing how showers seem to wash illness away. The fresh water will remove any fogged thoughts, and bring you back to your usual self. Once you’re out, take the time to do your hair in the usual way. If you’re not feeling 100% yet, you may want to leave it to do its own thing. But, that’ll leave you back where you started. 

Once your hair is looking it should turn to your makeup. Don’t worry if you’re going out or not. You’re doing this for YOUR recovery! The first time you return to the beauty world, you may want to stick with something simple. Don’t worry. A little eyeliner will feel like a refreshing change. The sight of it may also kick-start your brain into getting back to normal. Then, next time you try, take things a little further. Presumably, you have a little time on your hands. Why not use it to try something new? Distracting yourself with new makeup ideas will also help you forget that groggy feeling. In the meantime, make sure you take other steps to help you look your best. Drinking more will help you recover your health, and improve the condition of your skin. Eating fruits will also ensure you get your vitamins. They'll give your skin the glow it was missing during your illness! 

Helping you look better isn’t the only way makeup can help with recovery. We all know about the healing powers of retail therapy, right? Use this time as an excuse to treat yourself to something new. Visit sites like Beauty Ambition to help you find your next favorite pieces. Again, this will be a wonderful distraction. It’ll also give you something to look forward to through those murky days of illness! 

With your makeup bag at your side (and a few other things, we suppose), you’ll be back to health in no time. Never underestimate the power of mind over matter. Next time you feel a little too under the weather for makeup, think again. It could make all the difference.
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