Feel Confident with Lactacyd

When you say taking care of your skin,It has to be   not only your face and skin always include down there it is important to us ladies to be clean always and be protected.
Feminine Wash is a must for every woman,This will keep you clean and protect down there unlike the ordinary soap.Especially when having a menstrual period or vaginal infection it is best to use a feminine wash.

Lactacyd vaginal antiseptic solution is a daily feminine wash that especially designed to protecr the intimate area.Contains natural milk Lactoserum/Lactic acid which gives you the protection against intimate discomfort,itching and odor.Lactacyd's delicate care provides whole day freshness and protection.It has a dermatologically tested mild formula.

Include in your next purchases the Lactacyd Protectinh daily feminine wash for Php60 at 60ml available in supermarkets/department stores nationwide.
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