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Tech Talk: Teaching App Safety To The Kids

We live in a world where technology is taking over. For medicine and science, this is naturally a good thing as our technological advances are assisting us to live longer and healthier lives. The only downside to this world full of smartphones, smart TVs and apps, is that there is little in the way of safety rules laid down for our kids.


If you roll back time thirty or so years, computers were only in their beginnings. Children didn’t grow up with iPads and smart tablets and Kindles – they had bikes, fresh air and imagination to keep them busy. However, we must roll with the changes and get with the program; the world will continue on and excel and we cannot be left behind due to remembering the ‘good old days’. Kids love being able to interact with tablets on games, books, educational apps and the latest version of MovieBox, where they can watch their favorite movies. However, internet safety is so important. So, what you need to do as a parent is to teach your children about technology and how to stay safe while using it. With these golden rules, you can make sure your children are shielded from unpleasant surprises on their coveted tablets:

  1. Ramp up the security on their tablet and your computer. The internet is a big, big place and if you don’t have the right security measures on your online systems, you are leaving them open to viruses. Investing in full firewall protection, antispywareantispyware and virus blockers like these, you can lessen the chance of anything detrimental coming onto your computer
  2. Secure your Wi Fi password. There’s no point in installing the latest firewalls to your computer if anyone can link into your Wi-Fi. With so many different ways to use Wi-Fi now, from computers to baby monitors, unprotected wireless is about as protective as an open front door while you’re out!
  3. Lockdown social media. Children of any age are susceptible to cyberbullying. They do not need to have Facebook or other social media sites at a young age, regardless of whether their friends do. Peer pressure is very real and if you do decide to allow them to have a social media account, do so with full access so you can monitor it closely.
  4. Stranger danger is a real threat online, so if you educate your children on not clicking unknown links, answering emails or comments from strangers it’s a start. Teach them that if anyone contacts them that they do not know, they must report to you immediately.
  5. Always put passwords on apps to avoid children accidentally buying add-ons to their games and books. They must always understand to ask your permission whenever they want to spend real money and teaching them to be aware of prompts is important. Adding to this, never give the children the password!

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Online safety is imperative and this will always be constant as technology evolves even further over time. The internet is all about education and that is your job to do as a parent. Keep them sheltered, but keep them savvy and they can enjoy their apps safely.