OLAY Skin Whitening Bar and Body Wash

Nowadays people wants everything instant,Maybe that's the effect of how techonology fast is.Speakig of Instant,From make-ups to skincares women are more interested to know the effects of a certain product if it is instantly giving good results.
I'm also fan of instant effect,And lately i tried something new from Olay that i can say it does really give instant results.
One particularly to mention are the Olay Skin Whitening Bar and Boy Wash,One of the brands that ladies talked about in their social media posts in terms of instantly giving fair skin.

The Olay Whitening Bar is available for Php 46 pesos in all leading supermarkets,drugstores and department stores nationawide for only .It promises to give natural white skin from first use it has Rose and milk.Especially designed with triple whitening system that;Reveals the natural white skin all over,Gently exfoliates the skin and wash away dead skin cells,Even the skin tone to make it look clean and clear.

The Olay Whitening Body Wash is also available nationawide for Php 99 pesos only it gives 24hr moisture.Clinically proven to whiten and moisturize the skin.
Both products had the same ingredients and they smell alike,For best results use both daily.

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