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Mar 27, 2017

Technology - The Secret To Keeping The Kids Happy

As a parent, you're the center of the world even though you might not feel like it sometimes. But you do have to do everything and events will revolve around you, even if you don't want them too! Your family relies on you to be a doer. Keeping everyone in the family happy is hard, especially when it comes to our children, who can change interests at the drop of a hat and be quite loud about it when they do. As parents, it is our job to keep our kids happy. Sometimes this can seem like a goal that is horrendously far out of hand. It is important in these trying times to step back and find the time to chill with the kids.

However, there is an answer. It's called technology and no, it doesn't mean to just plonk your child down in front of the TV. Technology is everywhere and it has been for a while. For some, it's exciting, for others it can be quite scary. What technology is, though - is a problem solver.

Look, it can be enticing to go out, buy a Nintendo Switch and give it to the children and hey, why not?But technology is so much more than a relief.  If you've ever been stuck for ideas, why not Google it? Why not look for something to do in your local area? Not only that, but you can be directed to the place you need to go with your kids thanks to your phone. That's what technology can do for you. Even with the old-school methods. If you want to help your kids read or play board games, you can purchase them with a smartphone and have it delivered to your door on the same day. What technology does is open up new possibilities for you and the kids!


Say you want to have a movie night - download Showbox on your tablet and host it! Find out more about ShowBox on their website and see what it offers to you. What about cooking? You'll find no end to the recipes that you can prepare for you and your family thanks to the internet. Technology allows access to all sorts of books, films and music that can help keep your kids happy if you are truly out of ideas. As a last resort, technology can be used to entertain kids and there are all sorts of fun games out on consoles like the XBOX One.

So, technology - it can inspire us to find ideas and it can back us up when we are out of them. From finding a new place to relax with the kids, or a new activity for them, to allowing us to buy craft materials, books, pens and paper. The secret to keeping the kids happy? It’s not just about putting them in front of a new games console, it’s about finding inspiration for the latest things to do with our families, and of course, our beloved kids!

Tech Talk: Teaching App Safety To The Kids

We live in a world where technology is taking over. For medicine and science, this is naturally a good thing as our technological advances are assisting us to live longer and healthier lives. The only downside to this world full of smartphones, smart TVs and apps, is that there is little in the way of safety rules laid down for our kids.

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If you roll back time thirty or so years, computers were only in their beginnings. Children didn’t grow up with iPads and smart tablets and Kindles – they had bikes, fresh air and imagination to keep them busy. However, we must roll with the changes and get with the programme; the world will continue on and excel and we cannot be left behind due to remembering the ‘good old days’. Kids love being able to interact with tablets on games, books, educational apps and the latest version of MovieBox, where they can watch their favourite movies. However, internet safety is so important. So, what you need to do as a parent is teach your children about technology and how to stay safe while using it. With these golden rules, you can make sure your children are shielded from unpleasant surprises on their coveted tablets: