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Mar 3, 2017

Which State (USA) Is Responsible For The Largest Medical Marijuana Grow?

If you’ve ever wondered which state produces the most medical marijuana, you might look for an answer in the states that have had medical marijuana laws in place for the longest amount of time. This would be a correct course of action, as the largest growers of medical marijuana in the United States have had high demand to fuel their growth for years. If you’re in one of the states listed below, you should have no problem finding “weed delivery near me” so that you can get your medicine, if there are companies available like Green Door West. If you’re not in one of these states, you might still be able to obtain medical marijuana, but unfortunately your options will not be as abundant.

Which State is the Top Grower?

Based on a survey taken in 2006, the state of California produced the most marijuana plants in total, with 21,667,609 plants grown. This number of plants is equal to 8,622,831 pounds of cured cannabis as well as revenue that reached $13,848,267,000. Keep in mind, this is all for medical marijuana. It’s an impressive amount of plants and revenue, but California is also one of the largest states in the country.