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Hitting “Reset”: Digging Yourself Out of Your Lowest Ebb

Everybody feels that they hit a low point on occasion. Perhaps the abundance of parental stress means that you raise your voice at your child or you are telling yourself you must try harder. But this is where we have to remember when we are hitting a low point from our perspective, that we learn from life’s many lessons. Here are some things to think about if you feel you are at a low point.

Help Is Not a Bad Thing
Help is one of those things that so many people feel they shouldn't ask for; that they have to dig themselves out of their hole themselves because this will make them feel that they have achieved something more. But help is not a sign that you are reaching for handouts but it's that you have the courage to admit that you need extra insights. There are so many professional approaches that can help. In terms of addiction, there are infinite resources, some of which you can find on But help is one of the things that will give you the step-up you need after your lowest points. If someone offers something, it's not going to make your life easier, but it's going to give you a different perspective of the situation.

Take it One Day at a Time
When you are in a horrible place, you've got to focus on one action and take small steps. Because if you start to think about the bigger picture, this is going to overwhelm and this is where stress becomes the default setting. Breaking it down to finite components, for example, doing your morning routine will help you to focus on what is happening right now. You can't change what's happened in the past and you cannot predict the future, but you can focus on what is going on right now.

Accept the Circumstances
You need to remember that when you are in a difficult time, improving your conditions and minimizing pain is about accepting what is going on. It's not easy to do but you can practice acceptance. There is a handy little guide on to get you started. You cannot make progress if you do not accept the situation or the circumstances. Someone going through a separation or a divorce can put their head in the sand, but while it may take some time to accept that there will be changes to your life arising from this situation, you can stop blaming and deflecting, and focus on healing.

Starting from Scratch
Starting from scratch is not a bad thing. We all feel we've built up a certain life for ourselves and we fight to keep it. But sometimes we are living a false existence with values that do not align with who we really are. Sometimes the big things in life give us the stark message that we need to start over, whether it’s divorce, the death of a loved one, or losing your job, the reality is that hitting your lowest point can be the best way to hit the reset button.