Fun Online Games For The Fam!


As a mother, I choose my kids to play indoor and sometimes online games because of the pandemic. Of course, I want them to be safe. But, honestly, staying at home and keeping the kids entertained is a very challenging job. Sometimes I am actually running out of options. Before you say what's on your mind, yes they have screen time. There's a limit when using gadgets; we do pretend to play too. Sometimes we listened to stories for our nighttime bonding before going to bed, and as for me, I do love playing games online. The other day, my friends and I were chatting in our group chat about how to find or identify what games pay real money so we can have fun in our spare time and make money at the same time. Because, as you know, we cannot waste time. Everyone is actually suggesting sites to visit and try.

The above photo is of my youngest son playing games from which I just discovered as a website for kids and also for the whole family. It teaches kids the importance of eating healthy foods while playing. A lot of games to choose from and even I enjoyed playing games. My youngest loves to play the SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Crisis because he loves SpongeBob SquarePants and he really enjoyed playing these games. 

When I have my me-time moment I also play games, yes for my mind to relax and enjoy too! I personally love to play the  Find Pair and Guess the Food games because it feels like my mind is in refresh mode. This is also good for the kids, the Find Pair help children develop pattern recognition skills. Surely my kids will be interested in these games too! 

What I love about kids' games at Culinary Schools Org is that it's ad-free even games are free to play, sites are not bombarded with ads and not necessarily pop-ups link ads that kids don't like when they are playing. Instructions to play are easy, and there are many classic games that kids and parents will enjoy. It's an educational game actually and I hope they release an app that all the games can be downloaded in one app. 

And if you are looking for online games for your kids I am recommending this site. Ending this post because I am currently playing now haha! let me know if you tried too and tell me your favorites! 

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