Just Hold On

If there's a personal thing that I wanna share in this blog is that I am happy to share with you guys that I am now a student-mom. So much realization this year that I decide to enroll again. I believe that it's not late to reach for my dreams. life is not a race. Sometimes our journey is far from what we are expected but hey at least we are trying on the right path and it's not late for everything no matter the age you are now just like me. What made me decide was my kids are growing fast and I felt any moment from now they'll leave the house and maybe this is the right time for me. To think back on what I want in life, my dreams.

Aside from being a student-mom, I do the usual things that I love to do like shopping online, and I found this perfect store that matches my mood hbcu varsity jackets lot of varsity jacket collections to choose. In every LegacyHistoryPride™ sale, a portion of the proceeds specifically benefits the College or University through their Licensing Agreements.

Everything changes, our plans changed in every situation but it is always for the good. Whatever your life may be right now, there's always a sun that will shine any moment. So, hold on and keep on dreaming. 

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