5 Skin Ailments That Require A Dermatologist in Stamford, CT


The skin protects your body from heat, dirt, germs, and many other things. Hence, it would help if you kept it as healthy as possible. Though you may take care of your skin, there is always a chance of developing a skin disease. As per recent data, the population of Stamford, CT, is around 129,638. Out of this, the women population in Stamford, CT, is around 50.7%. Though men experience the worst outbreaks of Acne, it has been observed that more women suffer from acne breakouts. Skin ailments can affect anyone and must be addressed timely to ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen.

If you ever develop a skin ailment, you need to consider visiting a dermatologist Stamford CT. Here is the list of five skin ailments that require a dermatologist.

Many people waste their time and money on self-treatments or the hope of treating acne problems with over-counter topical medications. However, a dermatologist is the best to consult when facing an acne problem. They are well-versed with the science of dermatology and will be able to prescribe the right treatment and medication for you.

If left untreated, they spread to other facial areas and progress into whiteheads, blackheads and leave black spots on your skin. Starting the treatment early helps prevent Acne from spreading, and you don't need strong medicine to clear them.

Psoriasis is a skin ailment where skin cells multiply and form scales and dry, itchy patches. Medical experts mention psoriasis is mainly related to problems with your immune system. If you are battling an infection or a disease, your immune system gets hyper-activated and starts attacking your skin cells.

As per recent data, around 20.5% of the Stamford CT population is under 18 years. Medical experts mention most people who develop psoriasis are aged between 15 and 35. However, there is no scientific evidence psoriasis is related to a certain age. Stress and obesity are two factors that can lead to psoriasis flares. A dermatologist can give you the right diagnosis if you are experiencing outbreaks on your skin and prescribe the best treatment.

Eczema refers to a skin condition where the person suffering from it experiences itchiness, swelling, inflammation, and cracked skin. According to a recent health survey, around 31.6 million people in the United States suffer from Eczema.

If you notice symptoms like rashes that occur all over the body or rashes that are constantly itchy, you need to consider visiting a dermatologist immediately.

Over-the-counter medications are not effective in treating Eczema. The rashes may vanish for some time after applying topical counter creams, but they are bound to reappear after a few days. A dermatologist will suggest a treatment based on the state of your health, symptoms, and age.

As per recent climate data, Connecticut has around 194 sunny days per year. The UV index in Connecticut is between 0 to 2, which is considered low or moderate. However, the predicted ozone layer thickness, season, time of the day, and latitude also play an important role in the sun’s intensity.

Sun damage is more significant if you expose your body to the sun for long hours. If you notice any symptoms of sunburn or blisters on your skin, visit a dermatologist at the earliest to get the proper treatment.

Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer refers to the abnormal growth of skin cells. It generally develops on skin exposed to skin. Doctors mention that skin cancer is completely curable, provided it is detected early. Consult a dermatologist in Stamford, CT, for treatment if you notice symptoms like a large brownish spot with darker speckles or moles that bleed or change color or size.

To sum up, these are five skin ailments that should not be ignored, and you should consult the best dermatologist in the town and get treatment.
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