How to Stay Calm When Your Kids Get Hurt

Any parent knows that kids are clumsy, and any parent knows that their kid will, at some point, injure themselves. For a lot of parents, this fills them with dread. They don't want their precious baby to feel any pain ever. However, while this is a sign of a caring parent, it may not be ideal for the kids. 

Reacting too dramatically after your child falls, trips, stumbles, or collides can impact how they deal with accidents, injuries, and pain. If you fail to stay calm, then how can you expect them to remain calm? While you should be aware of what happens to your child, it's also vital to stay calm when an accident happens, and here is how to do that. 

Don't React Too Harshly
Reacting harshly, jumping up in shock, and screaming your lungs out that your baby is hurt is not going to do anyone any favors. All this will do is make your child overreact to your overreaction, and this will make the pain feel much worse than it is. 

While you definitely should acknowledge that your kid is hurt, it's also worth trying a different approach. Instead of shock and horror, consider laughing or even don't react at all. It could be that your child is just looking for attention, and if you don't give it to them, they will get over any pain soon enough. 

Have a Plan For All Scenarios 
Most playground injuries are never too bad. However, there is always going to be one time where the injury is just as bad, if not worse than it looks. When this happens, you've got to ensure you are prepared for all scenarios. 

Being prepared for everything will help you find the treatment your child needs. This will save you panicking and stop them from panicking. Whether you treat a cut knee or bloody nose, or even arrange for tooth veneers from a particularly nasty fall, being ready for anything will help keep everybody calm.

Let Them Get Used To It
If you rush over to your kid every time, they will expect that sort of protection whenever they hurt themselves, even if you are not around. This won't do them any good, so you must allow them to get used to hurting themselves. 

The first time they fall, they will likely be upset, but the second and third times won't be so bad. The sooner they realize this, the easier it will be for them to get back to playing with their friends, and it will also take a lot of worry out of your day. 

Kids Will Be Kids
Kids will be kids, and even if you encased them in bubble wrap every time they went outside, they'd still manage to scrape their knees or fall onto their chin. What parents need to understand is that it's impossible to police your kids' health 24/7, so the best you can do is help them understand that the pain is never as bad as it seems, and you will still have a plan in place should the accident be a little too severe. 

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