5 Elements That Will Give Your Bathroom the Perfect Vintage Vibe

Vintage bathrooms are trendy for several reasons. Homeowners who buy older homes often want to replicate the charm of original features. Some people love the beauty and elegance of historic elements like ornate plumbing and pedestal sinks. Vintage-style tubs are often easier to fit into awkwardly designed spaces. Fortunately, it only takes a few well-chosen elements to create a bath with a feeling of yesteryear. The right tub, sink, tiles, paint, and faucets can instantly add historical elegance to modern bathrooms.

Pedestal and Console Sinks Add Vintage Style

Updating a bathroom sink is a fast way to alter the room's style. Modern homes often include bathroom cabinets with nondescript basins pre-installed. Sinks in older homes were typically standalone versions with decorative styling and little or no storage. As a result, simply replacing your current sink with a console or pedestal style gives the room a historic feeling. Pedestal sinks are mounted on a single, graceful column. Console styles have a unique, gracefully styled basin mounted on two spindly legs that curve gently. Suppliers offer both options in a range of styles that you can view in a bathroom remodeling showroom.

A Freestanding Tub Creates Old-World Elegance

Per remodeling specialist Bob Vila, adding a retro freestanding tub changes the entire tone of a bathroom. Suppliers offer replicas of elegant clawfoot and pedestal tubs that can be installed almost anywhere in a bathroom. The beautiful fixtures are sold in a range of styles and sizes. You can choose from acrylics or metal versions that often have decorative finishes. Many are sold as packages that include matching hardware. The graceful tubs and hardware give bathrooms an old-world look as soon as they are installed.

Create Historic Ambiance with Wall Colors

A quick way to give a bathroom quaint decorating appeal is to use more vibrant wall colors. Modern neutral colors were not popular in historic bathrooms, which were often painted in the trendy deep shades of the times. You can get the look by choosing dramatic hues like turquoise, dark green, or even reds and blues. For a real punch, choose a vibrant purple. These shades often work well with other elements like wood floors, marble, and black and white tiles.

Classic Tile and Molding Set the Right Tone

Black and white floor tiles were standard in older bathrooms, so adding them to your space will give it a nostalgic feeling. Installing historic subway tiles on the walls will add to the historic ambiance. Cove molding around the ceiling also provides a truly authentic vintage touch. Professionals at Kitchen and Bath Trends suggest installing molding around floor tiles since that was a trendy look in many historic bathrooms.

Faucets Make all the Difference

In the 1920s, ceramic faucet handles were considered chic and were often found in upscale bathrooms. You can recreate the look using modern versions. Suppliers offer sink and tub faucets with ceramic handles in a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes. There are standalone products as well as tubs and sinks sold with plumbing packages featuring ceramic handles.

Decorating bathrooms in a vintage style has become a popular way to lend charm and grace to homes. Anyone can get the look by installing a stylish freestanding tub, classic sink, vintage tiles, and replicas of early 20th Century plumbing. Finish the space by painting it a vibrant color reminiscent of older bathrooms.

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