Ensuring Your Loved One In Care Is Treated Right

The decision to put an older loved one into care is rarely one that is made lightly. Plus, those that are able to, will look into paying for care at home with companies like careforfamily.com.au before heading to this step. As such, a lot of people who do make that decision may be wondering, for a time, if it was the right one. How do you know that your loved one is getting the kind of care and comfort that they deserve? Here, we’re going to look at a few tips to ensure just that.

Keep in touch regularly
When you put your loved one into care, it has to come with the understanding that you might not be able to see them as regularly as you once could. However, it should also come with the understanding that you need to make the extra effort to check in on them, make sure that they’re doing well, and provide them with the communication that keeps their social links strong. Isolation is a major issue amongst the elderly, increasing the risk of both depression and dementia, so it’s important to do what we can to fight it.

Visit the care facility with fresh eyes
Every time you visit your loved one, you should also take the time to look over the care facility. It’s easy to start failing to notice it when you visit repeatedly, but if the standards are starting to dip, then you should notice. Keep an eye out for any safety hazards, broken equipment, patients that seem poorly attended, or any other signs of a messy or risky care home. If you are worried about the slipping standards, then it may be time to look at moving to a different care home.

Know how to intervene when necessary
If your loved one is not getting the kind of care you expect from the care home, you should look at alternatives that might suit them better. However, if they are dealing with elder abuse or other abusive treatment from the staff, then they may need the help of an injury lawyer that specializes in elder cases. Those in care homes are often targeted specifically because they are vulnerable, meaning that you need to stand up for their rights when they are unable to.

Keep an eye out for the signs
Elder abuse is unfortunately not as rare as we would like in the care world. While most people will never encounter it, it is common enough to be aware of the risks. Your loved ones may or may not complain if they are victims of abuse, so it’s up to you to keep an eye out for the signs that they are being mistreated. There are different kinds of abuse, including physical and mental, so don’t expect that only bruises and pain are the signs of abuse, either.

While the majority of care homes are safe and employ care staff who genuinely care about the people staying there, there are enough exceptions to justify any concerns you might have. You have to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any signs that you need to intervene.

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