Helping A Loved One Into Care

Putting a loved one into care is not an easy decision. As much as care homes can provide that individual with more support and quality of care, it’s a new chapter that can be hard for everyone involved. If you’re someone who has a loved one in their love that needs your help, here are some tips that can help the process of putting a loved one into care.

Consider If It’s The Right Time
The first thing to consider is if it’s the right time for them yet or whether you might be skipping ahead too fast. There are a few things you can do to help monitor this if they’re nearing that point of needing additional care that you can’t provide. The first sign is that they’re not doing general tasks around the home like taking the bins out and collecting the mail. Their personal hygiene might also be a problem and one which can lead to further health problems if not dealt with sooner. If you have a feeling that they might need more care than what you’re offering and what they are giving themselves, then you should trust your gut. You could always get a health professional to visit them and give their professional advice on what the next move should be. You want to avoid placing them into a home until they’re unable to look after themselves properly. Otherwise, it can speed up any decline they might be on.

Be There For The Move
The move to the care home can be a difficult one. They’re taking whatever belongings they can bring with them and going somewhere new, so it’s good to have a familiar face with them on the move. There are plenty of places out there that will provide home care for seniors, but it’s good to find the right one that works for your loved one. And being a supportive presence for them is going to help make this transition easier for them.

Make It Feel Like Home For Them
When they’re moving into a place that’s not their home, it’s going to feel weird. It’s a difficult transition and a confusing one, so it might be worth it to ensure they have all those home comforts they need. Try to dress the room or new living quarters that they’re in so that it’s something more comforting. Things like photo frames and the same bedding that they had when they were at their old home can be a welcoming comfort for them. The smaller details can make the biggest impact sometimes.

Offer Support As Regularly As You Can
Even though we all have lives to lead, it’s important to offer your support as regularly as possible. Whether it’s in person or over the phone, be sure to provide them with that communication as often as possible. It’s important that they still feel connected with the outside world.

Moving a loved one into a care home can be tough, but if it’s the right thing for them, then it makes it a little easier.

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