Beach Vacay Advice That Will Protect Your Kids From The Sun

Think of a family vacation with the kids and memories of frolicking in the sand will spring to mind. You had such an incredible time that you want to repeat the experience over and over again. It’s as if there isn’t anything that can stop you or your loved ones when you’re in a foreign country on a golden, sandy beach. Well, anything but the sun. Unfortunately, UVA and UVB rays tend to be stronger on vacation as destinations are more tropical. That means protecting your children’s skin from burning.

Here’s some advice to help if you are searching for inspiration.

Pack Appropriate Clothing
The clothes in your suitcase will offer the most protection, which means you must bring the right items. Shorts and t-shirts are fundamentals, but they leave a lot of skin exposed to sunlight. With that in mind, when looking at kids' bathers it could be worth buying long-sleeved tees, and board shorts, both of which have more fabric. Shirts are fantastic if you want them to be stylish and practical at the same time. Even SPF shirts and tees are manufactured to reflect the sun’s rays. Patagonia has some of the most rigorous outfits for kids.

And Accessorize
A humble accessory is enough to maintain a healthy amount of sunlight daily. Of course, a snapback is now a staple of most vacationers’ suitcases, but floppy, wide-brimmed hats are more suitable. The size of the brim means it covers everything from their face and head to their neck and shoulders. Sunglasses shouldn’t be dismissed either. Aside from being fashionable, quality shades keep the light out of kids’ eyes, which is vital when their peepers are growing because they’re very sensitive. A tip: don’t buy throwaway ones that last for the vacation. Instead, pick a top brand and splash out a little so that you know the lenses are adequately filtered.

Take Swim Breaks
Swimming is excellent exercise, and it keeps them occupied. Kids love nothing more than splashing around in the pool or ocean. However, there is only so much that appropriate kids' swimwear can do when it comes to the sun. Sadly, you’re going to need to drag them out of the water and reapply the lotion. Why? It’s because the H2O reflects sunlight, intensifying the rays and making kids more vulnerable to skin damage. Lure them out with a promise of ice cream and ply them with drinks to keep them hydrated. Moist skin doesn’t burn as badly.

Plan Days For Exploring
Seeing the city is more than taking in the sights - it’s a strategy. As a rule, towns and cities are more shaded thanks to the numerous buildings that block the sun. Therefore, there is more shade, which offers less chance of getting too much sun. You still need to apply cream and take a hat, but walking around a busy plaza should provide more leeway. To kids, it’s not as fun, yet you can’t spend all vacation poolside!

Parents have all sorts of tricks to maintain their children’s skin. What are yours?

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