That New Diet You're On Is Probably Dangerous

The diet industry is massive. And for most moms, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Practically everyone wants to lose weight, tone up, and make themselves look great.

For years, nutritionists have known that the best way to get a great body is to choose the right foods. When you eat right, you provoke biological changes that make you lean and fit.

“Diets” - as in radical changes to your regular eating pattern - promise that short-term modifications will help you get the body you want. How many women have told you that they’re “on a diet?”

Most diets, however, aren’t based on traditional foods proven to help reduce weight and keep people healthy - like the old Mediterranean diet of beans, whole grains, and vegetables. No - the majority of modern fat diets ask people to restrict entire food groups and sometimes, eat foods from categories that most should avoid.

Take the keto diet, for instance. The idea here is to shift the way your body burns fuel, away from regular glucose from carbs to ketones from burning fat. Practitioners, therefore, eliminate practically all starches and replace them with oils and meat - two food groups associated with adverse health outcomes.

As the following infographic shows, diets don’t work. The best way to achieve health is to change your lifestyle and follow the tried-and-tested methods of the past, such as the Mediterranean diet (or similar DASH diet). Extreme diets usually lead to you regaining all the weight you lose within five years - a tragedy given all the effort you put in.

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