Be A Confident Mom

Being a Mom is not easy. First, you have to go through nine months of pregnancy, your body changes, your whole life turns upside down, and you’re tired all the time. You focus on the child and neglect yourself, and you may continuously compare yourself to other Moms, and this may make you feel inferior due to the wonderful highlights offered up by other parents. In reality, every Mom feels the same, but people cope in different ways. What you need is to build up your self-esteem as a Mother. Being more confident in yourself, not only helps you, but it will actually help your child too, and your relationship with your partner.

Image from Pixabay

Here are some tips on being that new, more confident Mom:

Look after yourself
Your life does not stop once you have had a child. You deserve some ‘you time’. Taking time out, away from your child, does not mean you do not care. It means that you are intelligent enough to know you need time to recharge your batteries. So, have that long soak in the bath, go out and visit a friend for coffee, go to the Mall and get those new shoes, go to the spa, or get those cosmetic dental implants you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget your personal and individual interests and desires when you become a Mom. Remember, when you feel good about yourself, you act with more confidence and can make better decisions that improve the life of your child as a positive by-product.

Follow your instincts
Don’t allow external influences to disrupt your natural flow as a Mother, it will only confuse you and cause you to waver when making important decisions. Everyone has an opinion, and no one has authority on what is right for your child. It may be difficult at first not to listen to all the buzz going on around you, but trusting your gut feeling, for the large part, turns out to be the best advice you can have. As a result, following your instincts and trusting yourself can improve your overall happiness.

Build a support network
There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Everyone needs help from family and friends to get them through. First, ensure you and your partner do not neglect each other, you are a team, and both of you are needed to get through daily life. Build relationships with other Moms who are not competitive about motherhood. You need to relax with friends and discuss being a parent without feeling judged. Ask questions and ask for help when you need it. It is impossible to have it all, and trying to achieve that end can be detrimental to all involved, so ignore influences that try to make you think to the contrary, and accept it. 

Have fun
Having a child is the most natural thing a woman can do. Enjoy the time you have with your child, they grow so fast, and if you are continually worrying, you will miss out on all the joy that little face can bring.

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