Wedding Reception Food: Trends & Predictions to Watch For

Hi, moms! You’re getting married this year and you want to know which wedding reception food trends and predictions to watch for? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are four fantastic trends you’ll fall in love within 2019, so check them out and incorporate at least one of them into your own wedding reception!

Vegan wedding food will be on the rise…

As you probably already know, millions of people are going vegan nowadays, which is why wedding food trends are shifting towards more inclusive options that can suit everyone’s taste. This is also because a lot of people have been diagnosed with a food allergy these days, which is another reason for reducing wedding menus and completely staying away from potential allergens where guests can be sure that their dietary requirements will be taken care of. However, it doesn’t mean that vegan meals will lack texture and flavor – on the contrary, this trend is all about coming up with a menu that works for all people, so that everyone can enjoy it regardless of their allergies and dietary requirements. That’s exactly what makes this wedding food trend to amazing and special!

… As well as fabulous welcome cocktails

Even though sipping at Prosecco will never go out of style, we have to say that it’s about time everyone started including fabulous welcome cocktails into their wedding receptions. This is particularly important if you want to woo your guests with a lavish mix of spirits and flavors as soon as they enter the reception, so give this trend a try and you won’t make a mistake. However, we also have to say that you have to step outside your comfort zone, which means that you shouldn’t play it safe with old-school favorites such as mojitos and martinis. So, if you live in New York and you want a fabulous cocktail catering service that will meet all your needs, all you need to do is to hire a mixologist from NYC and get your party started like a true boss. One thing is certain – you won’t regret if you decide to incorporate this awesome wedding trend into your special day!

Organic everything? Sure, why not!

More and more couples are looking for wedding menus that feature organic ingredients, which means that this trend is here to stay this year as well. As you already know, millions of people from all over the globe started to rave about organic products years ago, and that’s exactly why organic food is recognized as the healthiest choice out there. Organic ingredients aren’t going anywhere since couples continue to ask for in-season, ethically-sourced food on the plate of each guest. Such foods are actually grown with the specific methods of bio-farming that exclude toxic substances such as synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals. Fruits and vegetables grown in this way are free from harmful toxins and therefore much healthier. Besides that, couples love to provide their guests with the best farm-to-table experience, and the greatest thing about it is that it raises the awareness of sustainable agriculture at the same time. 

Everyone will be obsessed with the miniatures

Last but certainly not least, miniatures galore will sweep everyone off their feet this year and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, miniature foods (aka finger foods) are extremely practical – these are basically bite-sized foods meant to be eaten in literally one bite, which means that there won’t be as much food thrown away after the reception. The best thing about this fabulous wedding trend is presentation – from grilled cheese and tomato soup in a shot glass to shrimp and grits in a tasting spoon, we’re sure that everyone will enjoy both the taste and the groundbreaking visual effect of such foods. Just remember that no food experience is off-limits in miniature form and you’ll do it right.

As you can see, there are a lot of fabulous trends and predictions to watch for in 2019 when it comes to wedding reception food, but we have to say that these four trends are undoubtedly the hottest ones out there. You won’t go wrong whichever you opt for, and we’re sure that your guests will love it as well. Just stick to your wedding theme and your own preferences and you’ll make the right decision! 

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