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Why Real Estate With A Few Acres Is So Desired

Stop what you’re doing for a moment and think about your perfect home. It's often called the dream home exercise where you consider what your ideal home would look like. No doubt you probably have a direct view on what the decor would be like, how many rooms you will have, the overall size of the house as well. But what about the outside? No, not the garden but the land and space around the home itself? This is where you will need to stretch your imagination as the land around the home is just as important as the home itself. Gardens are one thing but what about fields, rivers, lakes, hills, trees and even forests around the home that you own? Surely this is something you would like as part of your property, an area that is a merging of land and property. This kind of large real estate is greatly desired by many different kinds of people, all for the same reasons.

Taking a stroll where you please

The best thing about having a few acres to yourself is, having a nice long walk on your land without ever being in public or someone else’s private property. You can go walking in the morning and never run by the same tree or fence post twice, and still be on your own land. It gives you great peace of mind to know that you have so much free space, open air and a multitude of different views. You never have to leave your property to be at one with nature and wildlife, you’re constantly surrounded by fields, trees and sometimes even moving water. If you want, you can go for a picnic out in the fields during summertime and not have to worry about getting moved off the premises when the sun goes down.

Prestigious property hallmark

Every single prestigious property that is desired by the many always has a private garden among other things. You know the kind of property that you have to drive a minute or so into, to get to the front door is going to be pretty prestigious and large. For a brilliant example of this kind of design, look at the properties on William Pitt where there are some that have upwards of 4 acres all to themselves. Many have at least 1 acre and others have a mixture of less than 1. Some properties have their very own waterfront, and others have the classic large garden. It's common when you have a few acres surrounding the property to have strategically or naturally placed trees, that are there for a great view but also to protect your privacy.

A place for children

When you have a few extra acres to yourself, the family can really stretch its legs. It gives children a place to play and run around having fun. Especially during the summer, kids can run around having water gun fights and let loose with their little legs to run wild without venturing outside of your own property.

It's little wonder that acres of space around the home is desired by many. Not only can you go for long walks on your own property, but you also have space for the kids to really enjoy the outdoors. `-