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Here’s how your Lifestyle Choices could be Affecting your Mental Health

In life, it can be hard to make good choices all the time. Sometimes, you have to give in and indulge, and there is nothing wrong with this. You should however note that if you don’t try and keep track of the decisions you are making then this can have an impact on your health, far more than you realise.


You have probably heard a thousand times, that it is so important to exercise. There is more than one reason for this. Exercise doesn’t just protect your physical health, it helps you to protect your mental health as well. It is fantastic at reducing muscle pain and it releases endorphins which can help with depression and even anxiety. At the end of the day, there is not a single exercise that will work for everyone. You have to choose one that works for you and go with it. Start out by doing it in the mornings, and have weekends off. As you become confident, you can then increase the intensity, and this will help the benefits to become more apparent.



You may think that smoking may help your mental health, for example, when you are anxious or stressed. This is not the case at all, and studies have shown time and time again that quitting smoking can really benefit your mental health. When you smoke, you take in a ton of toxins and this can contribute to mood problems. It can also lead to frequent colds, heart disease and even difficulty exercising as well. If you want to stop smoking, then check out



Your diet will directly have an impact on your physical health. Your physical health can also impact your mental health as well. Unhealthy choices such as processed foods and sweets all have very low nutritional value. If you were to eat foods that were higher in Omega-3 and even Omega-6 fatty acids, then this will really boost your health. This is because they can boost your brain power and they can also boost your mood. If you do have to indulge then dark chocolate is the way to go as it contains less sugar.

Physical Health

Believe it or not, your mind and your body are not easily separated. If you struggle with a physical health condition, then you are more at risk of experiencing a mental health problem. You may not be able to manage stress as efficiently and you might even go on to experience depression, anxiety and insomnia. This is completely normal, but there are a few things that you can do to help yourself. If possible, you should try and exercise. If you can’t due to the pain, then yoga is a great alternative. Failing that, meditation can help you to get the focus you need to try and take your mind off the pain so you can think of more positive thoughts.
There are plenty of ways that your lifestyle could be affecting your mental health. By taking the above into account, you can be sure to start making better decisions that will benefit you overall.