6 Good Health Habits To Build This Year


When it comes to managing your health, the smallest of changes can be hugely significant. Below, we’ve detailed a number of good health habits that don’t require a massive change to your existing way of living, but which can offer huge benefits to your overall well-being for many years to come…

#1 - Stabilize your sleep schedule

Staying up late on weekends and then enjoying a lie-in the next morning is a common pattern for many of us - but, unfortunately, it’s a tradition that research indicates you should seek to break. Numerous studies have concluded that changing your sleep schedule on weekends can greatly impact your well-being, causing a condition that has been termed social jetlag. It’s, therefore, best to try and get into the habit of maintaining a steady sleep schedule - going to bed, and getting up, at the same time every day - in order to greatly improve your well-being.

#2 - Say no to add-on sugar

Resisting add-on sugar - sugar that is added outside of the standard recipe - is a habit worth establishing. If you struggle to eat or drink items that don’t have add-on sugar, you could consider switching to a sugar substitute or perhaps use frozen berries for an extra sweetness kick.

#3 - Wear ear protection

When most of us hear the term “ear protection”, we imagine only those who work in industrial environments, and the need for those working with noisy pneumatic machinery have to worry about the issue. However, a surprising number of other activities can be problematic in this regard too; it’s worth spending some time seeking to learn more about the risks posed to hearing by standard, everyday activities. When you know which activities to be cautious of, you can then begin to integrate adequate ear protection into your standard routine.

#4 - Drink hot water after eating

It is thought that drinking hot water after a meal can help to improve digestion. Hot water by itself is ideal, but if you need a little flavor, add some peppermint leaves for an extra digestive boost.

#5 - Take early action

One of the best ways to improve your health is to seek to develop a responsible attitude to your health. Many people have a tendency to ignore warning signs of illness, which can subsequently lead to more severe, difficult-to-treat issues in the future. It’s therefore preferable to see any health issue as a problem you have to solve immediately, seeking medical advice if necessary - if you adopt this habit, your overall health should greatly improve as a result.

#6 - Eat as many leafy greens as possible

Leafy green vegetables - such as kale, spinach, cabbage, and watercress - are nutritional powerhouses, but contain relatively few calories - making them a must-eat for anyone seeking to improve their health. The one downside of leafy greens is that many people dislike their taste; if you experience the same, then you may find juicing makes them more palatable, and thus allows you to consume more.

In conclusion

If you can adopt the habits described above, your health and well-being are sure to benefit, both now and for many years to come.