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Quirky Hairstyle Ideas You Need to Try If You’re Entering Your 30s


30s is a new phase of life which you need to embrace gracefully. When it comes to styling hair, you would get plenty of options that will look great on you. However, you have to keep certain aspects as to what would suit your personality or the time you can afford for its maintenance while settling on a particular hairdo. Now, let’s have a look at the various options from where you can choose one for your hair shaping.

1. Long hair with bangs on sides 

Long hair is never off fashion. If your hair is in good condition, you can try for bangs on the sides which will look absolutely gorgeous. For maintaining long and beautiful hair, try to avoid too many chemical treatments that can ruin the quality of your hair. Also, go for the straight hair look which will complement the side bangs of your hair.

2. Shoulder length shag hair
Shoulder length messy hair is another hairstyle which you can try in your 30s. It gives out a casual and unfussy look. Moreover, you can get the sophisticated look by blow drying it which would absolutely look great both for working professionals or busy moms. Single women can carry this look too which would bring their chic and sassy side out. For the perfect look, you can air dry it with a few spritzes of sea salt spray.

3. Pixie haircut
Nowadays, short pixie haircut is common among most modern women. This easy to maintain haircut has become popular among them which accentuate a great bone structure, pretty eyes, and full lips. So, if you are a trendsetter looking for ways to make an impression on people’s mind for your great chic sense, go for this pixie haircut which will complement your matured look with the onset of your thirties.

4. Colour it gorgeous
Coloring it in gorgeous red is another option you can avail when it comes to styling your hair. Confident women in their thirties can carry this bold and effortless beautiful look that would match their strong personalities. In case you have lackluster hair, worry not; as you can get numerous options in hair extensions or hair weaves that would match the quality and color of your hair.

Clip in hair extensions is another option when it comes to styling your hair. Many women in their thirties lack volume in their hair. If you have the same problem, you can try having this cheap clip in hair extensions product which is easy to wear and gives out a stunning look. So, you do not have to worry if you have a party to attend or a get together with your friends. Just put on this natural hair and you are ready to hit the floor. Wondering from where to get these beauties? Well, is the place from where you can find your solution.

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