5 Reasons You Should Invest In a Home Water Treatment System

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Clean water is essential for life. We need it more than we realize; to clean, shower, drink and cook. If we really think about it, clean water is the basis of our lifestyle and health. Today most of us only have access to chlorine treated water. Though it is termed “clean” is it really safe to consume and use?
Chlorine treated water still has a lot of contaminants and bacteria on top of the chemicals that it is treated with. Every person needs to have enough water every day for the body to function right as 70 percent of our body is made of water.
Your tap water may go through the cleaning and purifying process but it is still not safe to drink. This is because water picks up bacteria when it is left stagnant in the water facility. Even though two-thirds of the earth’s surface is dominated by water, it is ironic that a very small part of is safe to drink.

Here are the top reasons why one should invest in a good home water treatment system.
1. It Saves Cost
Most people believe that the only solution to clean drinking water in a house is bottled water. If you have already begun buying bottled water, you will realize how much it is hurting your wallet once you do the math. A home water system can save you this money. Each member of the household needs 16.9 ounces of bottled water each day. So if you switch to a system you will end up saving approximately $700 in a year, of course, if we assume that you buy the averagely priced bulk pack of 24 bottles for around $5.
You may need to invest in a new system or to repair it or to clean it annually. This depends entirely on the sort of water system that you invest in and how frequently it is being used. Even for this, the cost goes around $50 to $80 which still beats the cost of bought bottled water.

2.Protection against Bacteria
When you purify water with UV or RO water purifiers, you know that you are going for a credible way of eliminating contaminants from the water you and your family drink. This water is not exposed to chlorine or toxic metals but may actually harbor harmful disinfectants, and strains of harmful substances like E. Coli bacteria and Cysts.
These substances can be the cause of major diseases and conditions like abdominal cramps, fever, incessant vomiting, and Diarrhea.
In 2005 DuPont was made to settle a lawsuit when 70,000 people in Ohio sued the corporation for ruining the water supply with PFOA, a chemical that is used to create Teflon. The investigation from the lawsuit discovered PFOA in 94 systems across 27 states through testing conducted by EPA.
Fortunately, a good quality modern water system can eliminate metals such as copper, mercury, lead, aluminum, and zinc which make up some of the most common substances found in drinking water.

3. A Water System is Convenient
If you have never installed a water filtration system before you should know that it’s super convenient to use. There is no difficult mechanism that you have to learn to make it work or be afraid that the children might use the wrong faucet and drink the impure contaminated tap water. A home water system is a barrier between your water supply and once it is installed, you don’t have to do anything just keep using the same water outlets for all your needs. And that is not just the water for drinking and cooking, but the water you use to shower.
A good quality water filtration system removes chemicals and contaminants so that you get a more natural taste from drinking water. You will definitely notice a difference if you are used to heavily chlorinated water.

4. Prepare for Disasters
One of the risks water filtration system gets rid for you is if there is a potential disaster and the pipes get contaminated you are on the potentially safe side. Sometimes lines burst and water gets muddles with toxic metals and what not, and the only way to find these problems is when the illnesses surface and an investigation goes underway. Your household should not have to worry about that. Digging a deep-water well isn’t the only way to get safe, clean water. You can even get a home treatment system installed. That’s right. Besides providing clean water, a home water treatment system ensures that your family is not subjected to the consequences of faulty pipes.

5. They Improve General Health
A water system helps you evade potential distress such as gastrointestinal diseases that stem from the microorganisms present in drinking water. But these are the quick reactions to drinking impure water. What most people do not realize is the hidden conditions that contaminants in water inflict. For example, the heavy metals in water contribute to a slow deterioration of health and over time can manifest in problematic and even fatal conditions.

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