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Guide to Creating Your Dream Bedroom

If you want to treat yourself to one room makeover, make it your bedroom! After all, that’s where you spend one-third of your life, so it certainly deserves a little upgrade that will make it extra comfy, relaxing and stylish. Here’s how to turn this regular room into a space of your dreams!


One of the most important steps when creating a dream bedroom is getting rid of clutter and things you don’t like anymore. Go through your bedding, furniture, and accessories and keep things that fit your future design and ditch those that don’t! Decluttering is a great way to make extra room and unburden your room for a touch of minimalism that is super popular today.

Pick the right palette

Ask yourself “What atmosphere do I want in my new bedroom?” If the answer is romance, you can opt for a darker palette from deep blue to aubergine. For a chill and Zen vibe, opt for something light and bright like off-white shades, beige or light blues. These shades will open up your room, reflect natural light and have a very relaxing effect.

Tackle your bed

The star of every bedroom is the bed, so make sure your star shines the brightest! Just by getting a new bed, you can completely transform your bedroom. Getting a frame with a headboard will instantly lift up your style and bring your design up a few notches!

Treat your feet

If stepping on the cold hardwood floors in the winter gives you chills just by thinking about it, you must treat your feet to something warm and cozy. Most people opt for a smaller rug next to the bed to welcome your feet just as you wake up. You can find many amazing models of area rugs online for a very affordable price, plus they will be delivered directly to your home. Wool is the best choice because it’s super soft, durable and even stain resistant! However, if your floors aren’t in condition to be displayed, you can opt for a bigger rug for the entire bed area or even a wall-to-wall option. And if you like to be bold with your d├ęcor, you can even layer rugs for a very chic and alternative look!

Boost the comfort

Bedrooms are all about making your cozy, relaxed and ready to doze off, so if you haven’t been sleeping well lately, it might be time to boost your comfort level! Start by investing in a quality mattress and don’t spare a dime. Find a model that really fits your preference and gives your body proper support. Later, you can adore it in some 5-star linen and don’t bother with thread count. Touch the linen and find something that feels good to you and matches your climate.

Opt for the right nightstand

Further, improving the look and functionality of your new bedroom with a pair of good nightstands. If you like a very ‘clean’ look, you can find floating nightstands that will give you plenty of counter space for your necessities while taking up zero of the floor space! These are perfect for small bedrooms. On the other hand, you can opt for something more classical with doors and cabinets, especially if you like to have plenty of things at arm’s reach when you go to bed. However, no matter which nightstand you choose, the best design is usually the one that complements your bed frame and is a few inches taller than your bed.

Light it for the win

If you want to have a relaxing, romantic and attractive bedroom, you can’t just throw in two basic bedside lamps and be done with your lighting design! For the best lighting effect, you need to layer your illumination and combine general, task and accent lighting. Most people opt for table lamps as their task lighting, especially avid readers, but they are often not very practical. If you often read before bed, better invest in adjustable wall lamps or even recessed ceiling illumination mounted right above your headboard. Hanging pendants are super popular as general lighting today. They come in countless design styles, sizes and materials, so you’ll surely find something that fits your overall bedroom vibe! Accompany your general and task lighting with something decorative like fairy lights or lighting strips to give your room extra character!
Don’t give up on the bedroom of your dreams! With these amazing tips, your bedroom will have a stylish and relaxing vibe without breaking the bank!