How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone? A Guide for Responsible Cat Parents

How long can you leave a cat alone? It is different with every cat.  Some cats are super-independent and like to be alone for most of the time, while others move from room to room wherever you go, following you like a shadow.
Also remember that it’s not the same if you’re leaving your four-pawed friend alone overnight, for a few days, or for a week or even more. You’ll need to make different arrangements and preparations dependable on how long you plan to leave your cat alone.  

Leaving a Cat Alone for the Weekend
Let’s say you wanted to go to a mini holiday and you want to leave your cat alone for couple of days. In my experience this is a better option than bringing your cat with you. Cats are actually scared of new environment, and sometimes they go crazy when they find themselves in the unknown. They may try to run, and that’s the scariest scenario for any pet owner. So what preparations should you make when leaving your cat alone for 2-3 days?
After paw4paw review and testing several cats we found best way to leave your cat alone.
You should leave multiple bowls full of your cat’s favorite dry food and water of course. Next thing is to add at least one more litter box. Note that all litter boxes need to be completely clean before you leave. Since cats are very neat and clean animals and sometimes they wouldn’t even go near the dirty litter box. Make sure you have someone, like a neighbor, a family member or a friend to come to your house once a day, just to check on her, pour some fresh water and clean the litter.
This last part is not necessary, but it is for the best, because cats are very social animals. And when they go without company for more than 24 hours, they will pee on the carpet or poop in the shower, just to get back at you for leaving them all alone. I’ve seen this multiple times. Also, if you have a garden, make sure that all the windows are closed, you don’t want your kitty to running away after some bird or insect. In case you leave in an apartment and you have a balcony, make sure that your balcony is cat proof, because cats sometimes tend to jump from them.
Leaving Your Cat Alone for 4 Days or Longer
In case you have to leave your cat alone for 4 days or more, you’ll have to get a sitter. They have to visit your cat at least once, but preferably twice a day, to refill your kitty’s food and water bowls and to clean out dirty litter. This is a fine arrangement for up to two weeks. If you plan to leave your cat alone for more than that, you should get a house sitter.
Make sure that you have plenty of your cat’s favorite food and treats stocked and replace all of her favorite toys that are getting worn. If you can’t find anyone you know who can take care of your cat while you’re gone, you can always kneel your cat at a local veterinary clinic or a pet hotel. You can do this up to two weeks, once or twice a year. I personally would never do this because I just don’t feel comfortable leaving my cats with complete strangers.
Final Verdict
Since cats are social animals, they shouldn’t be left completely alone for more than 3 days, and even that can only happen if you made necessary precautions, like providing enough food, water, litter boxes. If you plan to leave your cat alone for 4 days or more, you have to get a sitter that’s going to visit your kitty at least once a day. And if you’re gone for more than 2 weeks, get a family member or a friend to move to your house and take care of your pet until you’re able to get back.
Have you ever left your cat alone? What type of care worked best for you?
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