Treat Your Body Like A Temple

Do you believe you treat your body as a temple? We will most likely assume you don’t. But we’re all guilty of that at some points in our life. There’s just so many distractions and other things going on, that your body might seem like a far cry from a temple. The older we get, the more we begin to appreciate our bodies and its health. Life is more precious, and the things we used to not give a care in the world about, begin to seem very real. Treating your body like a temple doesn’t necessarily mean having a good diet. There are so many other aspects to it that we’re going to explore in this article. So to stop you from destroying your body, we invite you to read this article and be enlightened to the ways you can treat your body like a temple.



There are certain things that can go wrong with our health, which will eventually affect our overall well being. Some of them are out of our control, some of them are self-inflicted. But the good thing is they can nearly all be rectified with a bit of treatment. So to start off, we’re going to talk about the things that can’t be helped. There are a lot of issues that go wrong with our bodies due to age, or due to genetical influences. Eyesight is one of them. There are so many things that can go wrong with such a small area of our bodies. A common procedure that many people need is cataract surgery. A daunting one at the very least, but a relieving one in the long run. Cataract surgery is usually needed due to the degeneration of the cataract. Vision will gradually become worse and worse until eventually, the procedure is unavoidable. Tri-State centers for sightsee many different cases that result in cataract surgery. Now, a lot of people tend to avoid things like this due to fear. But if you wish to treat your body like a temple, sometimes the things that might put you in slight discomfort are what will improve your quality of life in the long run. Then there are the things that are self-inflicted, that could be improved with a little bit of care and attention. In women of all ages, the skin is something that plagues them. As teenagers, we know we’re prone to breakouts. But everyone assumes this is only during the teenage years, when in fact bad skin can continue on into the ’30s. Whilst some of it is down to the diet we eat, which we will explore later, a lot of it is down to how we actually treat our bodies as a whole. Even if you’re not experiencing breakouts, you could be suffering from tired and fatigued skin. To improve this, we recommend using oil-free foundations, getting enough sleep each night to reduce the tired look, and drinking plenty of water. There are certain moisturizers that will also leave the skin greasy and the pores clogged. Try and go for one that is light, and is easily absorbed into the skin.



A lot of people are against detoxes, but every so often this is something that our bodies actually crave. Due to poor lifestyle choices and other factors, our insides need a bit of a clean every once in a while. We’ve all seen the detox crazes over social media, and it is really important not to be influenced by them. Some of the ones displayed on apps such as Instagram are actually really harmful to the body. The ones you want to be looking for are natural detoxes. The ones that involve drinking tea in the morning and one before bed are the best. They will be a bit harsh on your body, to begin with. They literally flush out all the toxins that have built up over time. Now, whilst they are good for weight loss, they’re also good for improving the overall well being of your body. Energy levels will increase, and any sluggish feeling you might have will be eradicated. It is like a new beginning that your body has been craving.


This is one of the most important factors in treating your body like a temple. We’re often so tied up in the rush of life, that we never truly have time to relax. There’s always stress or worry on the mind that is hard to get rid of.  The effects of this spread far beyond the mind. Stress takes over our whole body. It affects the way we eat, the way we act, and the way we feel about life. So it is important to take some time to actually relax, and find a place where you feel calm. A lot of people find meditation useful, yet don’t give it a try because they feel it is hard to grasp. Truthfully, it isn’t. All you need to do is be in a quiet place, with some relaxing music, alone with your thoughts. This calming atmosphere helps you to process your thoughts quicker and more rationally, rather than letting them run free in your mind. Finally, simply taking a bit of time with your friends to forget about your worries is vital. Friends offer an escape hatch from the real world. If you’re going along the lines of treating your body as a temple, we recommend you head for a nice spa day.

Diet & Fitness

This is obviously one of the main factors in treating your body like a temple. The sooner you stop filling your diet with negative foods, by that, we mean junk food, and replacing it with natural and organic foods, the sooner you’ll have a better outlook on life and your body. Junk food really does clog the mind more than you realize. We recommend trying a diet like the paleo diet. It cuts out all the processed foods, carbs, and sugars that we include in our diet. The outcome is weight loss, and a body fits for a temple. It is a hard diet to get used to, but one that truly does pay off.
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