An Internal Cleanse - 3 Ways To Reinvigorate Yourself

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As we get older, the number of health concerns we have increased with our stress levels. You may find that your life is full of worry, duties, and piles of life admin on top of all of this. This means that we don't get a mental break from life. So we need to think of better ways to revitalize and rejuvenate ourselves internally. Are there simple and effective ways to rejuvenate our lives so we can tackle these stressful tasks with enthusiasm, but don't feel the pressure? 

Everybody bangs on about meditation being a stress reliever, but there are many health benefits. It reduces blood pressure, leaves you with a sense of calm, but it's also great for a good night's sleep. The problem with meditation is that we cannot get to the point where we feel that we've switched off properly. There's always that internal chatter. The best option for us is to go and learn how to do it properly. There are various meditation courses around, but lots of people would benefit from an all-encompassing experience, such as a meditation retreat, or taking time out to pamper themselves, internally and externally. A technique called Ayurveda is something that's taught on many retreats, and you can learn more about this if you have the time to do so. But even if you feel that meditation isn't a suitable method, because you don't think it's working, just that opportunity to sit in peace and quiet and listen to your breath will have some positive effects.

There's been a lot written about many health benefits of fasting in recent years. There are many trends online, such as intermittent fasting, which has been shown to have sufficient health benefits. And while you may feel that it's not a pleasant sounding option, once you get over the difficult bit, which means you will increase your resilience levels as you learn to cope with your hunger, but you’ll find yourself with more energy once you push past the hunger barrier. Even if you aren't intending on losing weight, it's a very handy byproduct, but also it's been shown to replenish your cells. A process called autophagy, a natural way your body cleanses itself, is something that can only be done when you starve the body. So don't think about the touted belief that not eating is bad for you, we managed to do it millions of years ago. Of course, if you have extreme health conditions, then consult a health professional!

We build up toxins in our body that we need to sweat out. Of course, exercise is a great way to do this, but you can easily go to a spa or a sauna, and sweat yourself out. Also remember, that cold is a good way for you to cleanse your body. This isn't particularly comfortable, but it's another way of building up resilience. It also works wonders for your skin and your hair! But if you really want to get the benefits of both, go in the shower and turn up the heat as high as you can, but also follow it up with a cold blast.

Stress and pressures are all to do with how we cope with them. By taking these three options to live, you will learn to function in stressful situations but improve your life overall.

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