How To Have Your Health Insurance Cake And Eat It

Everyone needs health insurance in this country. After all, it isn’t Britain or Germany where healthcare is government funded. Without the right policy, your well-being is at risk, as is the well-being of your partner and kids. Any self-respecting citizen needs to ensure they have a fantastic plan. But, it’s easier to say than do because there are plenty of variables in play. From your age to your finances, there are different factors which dictate the outcome. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to let a faceless company put your health at risk. Here is how to have your health insurance cake and eat it.

Choose Company Wisely

Insurance is like the law; it’s varied and wide ranging. This is an issue because it means there are lots of suppliers from different areas of the industry. From general to life insurance firms, they all offer health policies. Let’s face it – they don’t want to miss out on their piece of the pie. Unfortunately, a life insurance company, for example, doesn’t fit the bill. Because they are too preoccupied with death, they don’t have great deals. It sounds obvious, but choose a business which specializes in the health sector, such as

Check Out Quotes 

It might be like the law, but insurance isn’t like your credit rating. Checking a variety of quotes won’t harm the final policy, which is why more is more in this sense. Quite simply, a person who goes through a significant amount of quotes is most likely to get the best deal. Why? It’s because they see the pros and cons of all the policies and get to cherry pick the best. Of course, no one expects you to call around 20 different companies. They do expect you to check out and Sites like these do all the heavy lifting and the results are available at the click of a button. 

Look Into The Future

You don’t have a crystal ball, but there is no need for one. To see the future, all you need to do is be realistic. Think about your current health. Are you fit and healthy or do you have problems? Depending on the answer, you can tailor your policy accordingly. For example, a savvy person with health issues might up their hospital coverage if they expect to go under the knife. Or, a healthy person might lower certain costs if they don’t expect them to occur further down the line. That way, the policy should be perfect. 


Don’t accept their final price as gospel. Insurance companies have leeway, but they will try and pull the wool over your eyes. The key is to haggle properly by following the basics. has a guide, yet the main thing to remember is that you have the leverage. Sure, they might say “no thank you, sir/madam,” and force you to walk away. In this scenario, don’t be afraid to go elsewhere and test their resolve. There are hundreds of providers, so it isn’t like there will be a shortage of quotes. 

Usually, they will come running back to you with their tail between their legs. 

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