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Hacks For Achieving Flawless Makeup Every Single Time

When it comes to makeup application, it isn’t something that is always easy to get right. The issue is that even with the very best products, it’s still not guaranteed that your makeup will look picture-perfect. The fact is that when it comes to how effective your makeup application is, it depends on an array of factors, from how smooth your skin is to the tools that you have used to apply it. Getting it right isn’t easy, but it is possible - the key to makeup application success is simple: practice. 

Want to ensure that your makeup is picture-perfect (or as close to picture-perfect as possible) every time? Then read on, for a guide to all of the best hacks! 

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Mask your imperfections

The idea of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, to do this, you need to be able to effectively mask your imperfections. The fact is that imperfections are a part of life, despite them not being something that many of us are comfortable with. Whether you suffer from breakouts and blemishes or your laughter lines are starting to show, the chances are that you want to mask them. It’s not always easy to mask imperfections, but it is possible, it’s just a case of using a good primer and the right shade of concealer. Of course, some imperfections can’t be masked, such as deep lines, for instance, to get rid of these you would need to talk to a facelift doctor or have dermal fillers. However, just because you can’t mask every imperfection, that doesn’t mean that your makeup won’t look perfect because it can be. All you need to do is smooth out the surface of your skin - primer is a must for this - and even out the texture - concealer is the key to doing this. 

Use the right application tools 

When it comes to how you apply your makeup, the tools that you use can have an impact on how your makeup looks once it has been applied. Using your fingers is a big no-no, as the oil from your skin can cause your makeup not to stay in place for as long as it normally would. Instead, it is best to use a foundation sponge, such as a Beauty Blender, or a flat foundation brush to apply your foundation. As for your concealer, powder, blush, and eye makeup, a brush is the best option, just make sure to pick the right brush for the product and look that you want to create. 

Set your makeup in place 

The key to having flawless makeup that lasts is simple: setting it in place. If you don’t set your makeup in place, you can’t expect it not to smudge. The first step to setting your makeup in place is using a primer underneath your base - aka concealer and foundation. The next step is setting your foundation and concealer in place with transparent powder, or baking it, depending on which method you prefer. To set your eye makeup in place, apply an eye makeup primer beforehand. To set the entire look, apply a makeup setting spray to your face - this should help to keep your makeup in place for longer. 

There you have it, your guide to all the best hacks for achieving flawless makeup every single time.