Take Care Of Yourself With Jil Gyung Yi

We women wanted to look clean and feel clean especially down there.When i started having a monthly period when i was in my teen age,I started to take care of myself more,I Started to use also feminine wash.Personally i don't have particular brand i just buy whatever is available or trendy brand that i saw in tv commercials.Just now I realized that I must choose the ONE that really gives the clean that I wanted,The clean every women wanted to feel.It's not about the brand nor how popular it it but how it really works.

Just recently,Someone introduced to me the Jil Gyung Yi.What is Jil Gyung Yi?Jil Gyung Yi is a feminine cleanser but this is not your typical feminine wash because it's in tablet form and it's Natural,Made from Korea (HA U DONG CHUN CO.,LTD.) The women's Vaginal Health Expert.It is made specifically for:

●Vaginitis Treatment
●Vaginal Looseness Treatment (Tightens the vaginal)
●Vaginal Dryness Treatment (after  menopause)
●Removes Vaginal Odor
●Relives Menstrual Cramp
●Gentle Hypoalergenic Cleansing
●Improves Skin Tones


Maintain healthy vaginal ph level.
No antibiotics that's why no side effects.

Main ingredients are: 

Agelica Gigas

The package is in the sealed box which is good to know that it's not opened and tampered,It also indicates the manufacturing date and the expiration date at the bottom part of the box.It's like a medicine that's in a foil.

How to use the Jil Gyung Yi:
●Wash hands and vulva before using the product.
●Take 2 tablets and insert them into the vagina as deep as finger joints.
•use the same way as tampons
•best to use before bedtime
•use pads as it may have discharge or vaginal waste.
●Wash the vaginal area with running water the next day.

For Children:
●Wash vulva with clean water.
●Melt 2 tablet in 5ml lukewarm water and let it absorb into vulva.
●Wash with clean water the following day.

When using th product don't use any other feminine care only wash your vaginal with clean water and if irritation occur discontinue using.

When i used it last night i follow for the children step,As i'm afraid inserting it into my vaginal maybe it's my first time and i never tried using tampons so i'm kinda hesitant as of now.Will try again the inserting method.There's a slightly cooling effect when using it and it takes couple of minutes for the tablets to be totally dissolved.

My final thought in the product is maybe in the next years the manufacturer will come up with a liquid form and not a tablets.Overall i like the product it does'nt have smell and it really gives what it claims.

For interested buyers and questions about the product you can message them in their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/homeshoppingstar/ or check out their website for more information about the product www.myjilgyungyi.com.

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