Weird Beauty Treatments

People nowadays are all beauty conscious.Many girls wants to have picture perfect looks.Diet,Make up,Fancy clothes and extreme photo editing are not enough.Most of us wants the best,But best is not easy to achieve,Most beauty treatments are not easy as that,Painful most of the time we expect that,But have you heard some Weird Beauty Treatments?Here are some of those not so familiar with most of us.

Bird poo!
The nightingale droppings used are purified come in a powdered form that is mixed with rice bran to neutralize odors. Once it's applied to the face, natural enzymes get to work breaking down dead cells and cleansing the skin. This facial is no fly-by-night fancy; it actually dates back to ancient Japan, when Kabuki actors and geishas used the droppings to remove their makeup. 

Vampire Face lift 
Blood is drawn from the victim's arm, platelets are extracted and then injected into the face to prevent wrinkles. 

Leech therapy
The leeches suck blood from your skin while releasing enzymes that (apparently) remove toxins from your blood.

Anal Bleaching
Beauty trend in which both men and women “bleach” the skin around their anus to create a lighter and more even skin tone.

It’s not as scary as it sounds. Some anal bleaching treatments don’t even use bleach. For example, Kojic acid is used in many bleaching products, and is actually part of the rice fermentation process. Using this solution, which is also used in both food and cosmetic products, is a safe way to change the color of your skin.

Most these weird beauty treatments are used by celebrities but hey if you want to look good and have that body and skin you've always dreamt of why not give it a try.
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