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Aug 29, 2017

Emotional Overeating: Improving Your Relationship With Food

Food is powerful stuff, people, and our relationship with it can often be traced back to our earliest years. It’s a reward for good behaviour, a treat that triggers positive feelings, and its absence may even be used as a punishment when you didn’t finish your dinner. When you’re feeling low and in need of comfort, a decent chocolate bar can actually do you a lot of good; it’s why you keep coming back for more. 

Image via: Pexels

By always answering your negative emotions by eating them all up, you’re encouraging this habit, though, and could easily fool yourself into thinking that another slice of cake will take the pain away. In some cases, it will - but not if you always turn to the fridge for comfort.

Here is how you can conquer your emotional binge-eating once and for all, regain control, and improve your relationship to food.

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